January 27, 2010

The Fame Monster : Lady GaGa in my house!


I received this email like last week I think and I was jumping with major leapings cause Woohoo all thanks to Malaysian Today, I’ve won this 2-CD album of Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster!



Though sadly it’s the Malaysian edition which means no booklet i think that’s the difference between the international and malaysian @@ but then again woots!

The first CD comprises her new songs like Bad Romance and Telephone while the second CD contains songs from her previous album The Fame with songs like Just Dance, Paparazzi and Love Game!

 IMG_11251_thumb IMG_11221_thumb

Me HEARTS her photo at the back of the album.

SO cool with the emo mascara melting!



Malaysian Today had been SO kind to me.

Hope to get more from you guys!



And I HEARTS this next photo!



What IF fishballs ARE made from FISH’s BALLS!!







Alpha Ace said...

the original Gaga album might have some obscene pics so our Muslim censorship had did some stupid things to remove it. That was what our country use to do lah~

XD Malaysia Boleh~

yoon see said...

Hello dear, you are so lucky!
look like you win a lot of stuff lately!!!
LadyGaga's songs are very in and entertaining. we can always sing along!
Love most of her song.

The last illo -very funny!
I post this question here:
What about football is actually made out of foot ball?

I hope you get me...
and it's so early in the morning, I need to sleep.....

stephy-nie said...

@alphaAce : yep yep probably lah you know lah how GaGa like to wear "interesting" clothings XD

@yoon see : LOL yeap her songs are catchy! always on loop in my head hahaha..

foot ball. hmm. but then I think fish's balls are more yucky cause we actually EAT fishballs. XD

Go sleep yoon see! don't join the nocturnal club!!

jfook said...

Love lady gaga to the max. Hope she comes to Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


Can gimme? hahahahahaha!!!

OMG, I'm so jealouse *dying of jealousy*

OMG...u're so lucky....

T___T wuwuwuwuwuwuwu~

von Yvonne said...

Lucky you!

the picture/comic for the joke, DIY or from the net? heh recently looking for entertaining stuffs like that to read.

stephy-nie said...

@jfook : me too! but then tix sure expensive wann ><

@cassie : LOL cannot! haha its mine! XP I can pinjam you rip lah ekekekeke

@yvonne : I saw it posted on fb by one of my friend wan. haha.. i also wonder where to look for these funny stuffs! haiz.. if i got any i tell you lah ^^


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