January 22, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

Why wouldn’t I?

When it’s longer it’s easier to be gripped no? Giving the right pressure to your hands while you work your thing. Making your strokes more smooth and satisfactory.

Don’t cha think?

I mean how do you actually write with a pencil this short?!



Sometimes when I Google, I come across these… omg.. pictures of men wearing almost.. NOTHING.. except undies with whatever funky prints





It would be a friggin’ NIGHTMARE!!!



it’s a fashion crime to be wearing overly short garments!


A torture to ones eyes!!!!


I like it LONGER

Then I went to college and oooh… this gorgeous new guy from God-Knows-Where appears apparently a new international student and I was sitting there *ehems* oogling cuci mata-ing scanning x-ray-ing OBSERVING him and ooh la la.. Right size of eyes, not too big not to small, full lips, no man-boobs, no beer-guy, nice flat washboard abs and then what the hell?!

2 inches ONLY?!!

Not another one?!


How can a hot guy use a pencil THIS SHORT?!!


I’d like it if he use a longer one.

cause I like it longer.

Seriously! I mean like during the night if my baby hun is to be short, how am I supposed to like hug him to sleep?

I want to feel him above and below.

but cause he’s short, its either he’s above or below.

But I want it above AND below!



oh Baby hun my Bantal busuk..


I like it LONGER


I believe I made it quite clear that


and that’s why I super duper awesomely freakishly like

 LG’s BL40 Chocolate Phone


because it’s LONGER.

It’s designed uniquely longer which allows a 4-inch widescreen screen!

Which means it’s LONGER than usual!

like omgeesh!

And the LONGER phone with

- a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera for me to camho in high quality.

- FULL TOUCH SCREEN with MULTI touch function features which means I can molest and caress it like MAD, smoothly, but like MAD

- And oh emm oh emm it’s so darn LONG with a freaking clear HD resolution, you could watch AVATAR eek! via those special AVATAR contents on this LONG phone via special content from the movie with a cinematic experience all in a grip. Featuring a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display!!!

-PLUS to make the list longer its surface is SCRATCH RESISTANCE and

-it has an outstanding Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement!

-It also have A-GPS, WiFi, FM Radio and HSDPA


and ONE MORE REASON WHY Nuffnang should give me that phone is because…


My phone NOT long.. 


Pretty Please….



Alpha Ace said...

good one ... i c .. is about d phone~
gd luck ya~

Caffery said...

Nicely done, good luck! ^^

Celeste/Cel said...

Longer post, HAHA :D

Kimberly said...

Lol!!! I get you, you like it longer haha. All the best for the competition~! =)

sop said...

nice post...
good luck

Cairell said...

i love this post.
u know what, when i read this, i was thinking what-the-f she's doing.. LOL.. until u mention the new LG phone, then i knew what r u wanted to says.. nahhhh.. love ur plot..

Anonymous said...

Gee...this is good.

Aww...I feel defeated even before I compete...T__T

Everyone's entries are awesome.

stephy-nie said...

@AlphaAce : yep yep. waht chu thought? XD

@Caffery : thanks! ^^

@Celeste : yeap. just like how i like it!

@kimberly : hahaha.. good good you get it XP thanks!

@sop : thanks!

@CAirell : Lol hahaha glad you like it. was afraid it would be so nonsensical XD

@cassie : aiyah have confidence! Can wan.. mine not that great lah..

farah aftah said...

adek senior!! cant bliv u're still wearing that shirt..rindu gler!!

iriene said...

Creatively entertaining and very interesting, all the best :)

cr3ap said...

Good luck girl, Hope you would win this LG Chocolate BL-40 phone.

Regards from cr3ap

stephy-nie said...

@farah! kakak junior!! yah m still wearing it LOL miss you!!

@iriene and cr3ap: thanks. :)

KwOnG FeI said...

good luck yea..
u really take the short pencil from the unknown guy and take pic?
if yes, i salute you~

kenwooi said...

creative one!
wishing you all the best =)


stephy-nie said...

@kwong fei : LOL nolah. that pencil mine XD

@kenwooi : thanks!

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

very entertaining. good luck :)

stephy-nie said...

@catherine : thanks!

Hazwan Hakim said...

so detail and very information..

see my post also..hehe


stephy-nie said...

LOL thanks. :)

theeggyolks said...

I was going around reading the competition's post, yours was great :D

stephy-nie said...

thanks eggies! ^^


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