February 26, 2010

I’m Back FAT, BROKE and HAPPY! II :D

okay sorry about the last post cause I procrastinated and mum came chasing me off the PC cause it was like 4am ++ already.


Let’s continue!

So Day 2 was filled with camwhoring and food and bonding moments. Well, same goes to DAY 3!




IMG_2098 IMG_2096

After Gazillion years I was tormenting people with my craving on this ice cream I finally got to eat a tub though shared with like 10 ppl of it! FOR FREE!

Don’t matter if the taste kinda bland some ciplak brand lah and that the fact that it was already in the fridge of my Grandma’s place for like what? 6MONTHS!

At least I got to fill 5% of my craving! ROAR!

Then went to my aunt’s place and what else? MAKAN! though I forgot to take the photos of the spaghetti she cooked cause I got too into it ady I straight MAKAN!



My nieces. Aren’t they CUTE?!

IMG_2209 IMG_2216

Below : me, Linda and Brandon!


Then a game of cards was going on inside.


My aunts and cousins getting all so excited with the game they were playing!

  IMG_2125 IMG_2128 IMG_2122

These are the time you can see all of them sisters having a great time together playing and laughing.


Then more camho moments ofcourse! Not bad weh this year we cousies actually camhored so much!

All thanks to my cammie!

IMG_2187 IMG_2188 

Eyer Brandon have that hamsup face there @@


Gordon : “I poke~~”


And then suddenly everyone got excited with the laptop brought down!IMG_2164

I thought my cousies showed them porny i mean umm Funny videos on Youtube or something but then ended up….


Yeap. TOTO. MAGNUM. DAMACAI. results.


And that day ended just like that.


Day 4!

I basically stayed at home cause the baby my mum babysits returns! So we cannot go Collect ang pao gai gai ady 1775465325jpg

But then At the afternoon and night Ang Pao I mean my cousins came to my house! So i got 2 angpaos without leaving HOME!IMG_2251

My nephews who calls me “Da Ah Yi” which means big Aunty.

These are only two of them four rascals cuties.



Day 5

My turn to open HOUSE!

After helping my mum with preparations, I texted Ian and he came to my house to pick me up with Vincent to go angpao collecting house visiting!

Supposedly they were to enter my house but then, apparently Ian say he shy. So we said fine. ok Let’s go.

Instead of moving forward, Ian reversed his car to Nicholas’s house.

Waiting for Nic. He’s taking his bathe”


So we chatted.

*17minutes later*

weh Nic showering or sleeping lah? wth so long wan?”

Yeap. we INSTEAD of sitting in my house which we could have done, we waited in the car for close to 20 minutes not including the time he took to wear his SHOES!


And guess what?

After waiting for SO LONG,

We ended up driving like 5 seconds forward, and dropped by MY HOUSE!65

I know we’re awesome.


After that we went to Ian’s place, Played Wii, Killed some zombies and they dropped me home at about 6pm.

And at that time my house is already filled with humans!

Quotes Vincent : “ Aiyo we should’ve go into her house now! Got so many Ang paos to take! “



 IMG_2275 IMG_2267

LOL the whole evening I was STALKING this young boy around my house with my camera!

I miss him SO MUCH!!!



Day 6

Went out with the Melaka Gang! ie: Sarah, Jack, Derek, Nicole, Gerry and Wai Meng

IMG_2341   IMG_2346

We started off in Wai Meng’s place, lost lotsa money at least for me only, They played Bleach on PS, makan makan and then killed time in Sarah’s and my place before heading to Aeon for 72 Tenants!IMG_2340

I tell you that movie was AWESOME!

mad-ass filled with TVB stars and it’s just so hilarious the way the added on a bit of musical and jokes that “zha” you nicely.

Good laugh we had there eventhough we sat like at the 3rd row from the front?



Day 7!

This is the kao lat wan.

4 cars driving, 6 houses in a days time, 13 of us whackos.

LOST RM8 bucks! luckily Jack pinjam me his “ong” or not ah my total lost was like RM17!!!


And I had the BEST breakfast ever!


IMG_2364 IMG_2363 IMG_2352

And it’s all thanks to these two korean Brothers and their mum to wake up so early to prepare us this awesomic breakfast! woots!


I ate so much of it I was practically sitting at the table without moving my butt the whole time!

And the point of sitting there is so that it’ll be easier for me to just kiap and nom nom nom without walking!

Smart right? XD

IMG_2359 IMG_2365  IMG_2412 IMG_2475IMG_2436IMG_2408   IMG_2481 IMG_2515 IMG_2466 IMG_2378  IMG_2376 IMG_2374

List of attendees :

Jack, Miko, Mei Keat, Yen Yen, Sebastian, Sasi, Mua, Sarah, Alrin, Koh, Loo, Johnny, Roy, Wei Jie (Alien XD)

It was an awesome day except for the fact that we ended up not going to I-city at night cause of the STUPID RAIN1775465325jpg So we ended up at Jeth’s Cafe for dinner and right after me, sarah and jack went to Andalas Corner for DRINKS!


Day 8

Sat at home.



Day 9



they called everyone at 5PM and at 8PM we met up in college yes everyone was after class except me.

Being all excited, I was snapping away, trying to play around with my cammie’s settings macamlah I got a DSLR ceh and GUESS WHATTT?

My battery decided to die on me.

Since this is last minute I didn’t have the time to charge my camera and IT DIED!!! FML!!



Lucky managed to get a few nice shots!


  IMG_2594 IMG_2596 IMG_2710 IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2678 IMG_2617-1 IMG_2619 IMG_2626 IMG_2633IMG_2631  IMG_2703 IMG_2655IMG_2646 IMG_2649IMG_2642 IMG_2651 IMG_2639   IMG_2647 IMG_2657

IMG_2579IMG_2662 IMG_2663

 pretty ain’t it?!

OMG i was so excited to see al of them lights there!

Just sad cause I haven’t reached the main part of the place : the tiny xmas trees : and my battery died de.



skip ALL the way to DAY 13

which is TODAY

I shall be on my way soon to Dong Zhen Temple in Jenjarum for more piccie sessions!


So wait for my next post people!!!!

*Sorry for the UBER long post as usual*

Hope I didn’t bore you guys to death. oh wait! CHOY!!!

Happy advanced Chap Goh Meh?

Remember to throw some oranges for the girls!

in Hokkien : “moh kam chua ho ang” i think

which means you’ll marry a good husband

And for the guys  throw apples!

in Hokkien : “moh pin guo chua sui boh”

which means you’ll marry a beautiful wife!

or for the ones married or swore to not marry throw banana! Though not the banana we know okay guys? *inside joke* hahaha

in Hokkien : “moh kim chiu dio beh piu!”

means throw yourself a banana and you’ll kena lottery! woots!

okie okie I shall end this post with..



Tahs people!







Kimberly said...

I-city is quite near my house. Nice pics btw =)

stephy-nie said...

you should go! it's so pretty!


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