February 10, 2010

We froze for 5 minutes-Valentine’s Flash Mob

So last Sunday Me and Alrin was off to KL Central to be part of a Flash Mob organized by CausePlay in collaboration with 3-kind and Flash For A Cause (FFAC) which we got to know through Facebook! 

IMG_1442IMG_1431   IMG_1437

If you are getting all excited and stim-ed cause you think we actually “flashed” ourselves in public then Go langgar that dinding beside you cause that didn’t happen duh  

IMG_0923 IMG_0905IMG_0940

what REALLY happens in flash mob is that we go to a place and assemble suddenly in certain poses or act for a short time and then we disperse immediately as if nothing happened!

So in this Valentine’s Flash mob, we were to freeze in a valentine’s pose for 5 minutes at our designated area and then disperse!

You may think this is very wuliao-ish and all but then again, it was a cool experience to go through such event!

IMG_0912IMG_0910  IMG_0911

*FREEZE pics stolen from Jeremy aka BboyRice who was among the official photographer of the day. Along with Shaz and Jeffro


We leaders yes I was the leader XD hafta choose like 5 members for our groups and then we’ll be assigned to locations of our own and it was abit awkwardish cause most of them came in their own groups and they like stick to their own circles which leaves me member-less


after some threats tries to bid for people by constantly screaming then came Melvin, Chuk, Nigel, Felicia and Abby!


I so love how I looked in the photo above! So nais angle!


Nigel’s camho skills rawks


I didn’t camho with Felicia using my camera so I gotta wait for her to upload it first then I go steal!


IMG_1401 IMG_1402

The freeze was like messed up cause our watches are not synchronized and all so some of us frozed early, some of us frozed late and our group was busy discussing what to pose and suddenly Nigel was like

“eh everyone freeze ady leh!”

And We on the spot was like oh! and frozed.


However short you think 5 minutes are I’m telling you… It’s so NOT short. My hands were  sore  posing in mid air for 5 minutes I was wishing time would go on faster!

Me and Abby was in a lovey Dovey pose and we practically laughed out so many times!


Damn we almost ruin the freeze!

And they were like people coming to our faces and disturbing us with sounds and all and I was like wadafark are you trying to do! well, monolouging lah of course. Professional Freezer mah. hahahahha


We did the FM in KL Central at 2pm and after that we all headed to Times Square where We gathered and Froze again at 4.30pm and 5.15pm!

There were more mobbers in Time Square cause I think most of them can’t make it to KL Central cause of church and stuffs.


It IS a Sunday afternoon mah.


IMG_1019 IMG_1033  IMG_1052

We froze right after 8TV finished their CNY road show and the crowd there was really shocked by our sudden acts that we all became like celebrities with cameras snapping away and people staring at us!


And honestly, some people’s poses are really geng. I salute them for tahan-ing in that pose for 5 whole minutes!

IMG_1126 IMG_1138IMG_1170

How can you bent/squat/bengkok like that for 5minutes lah?

Professional giler..

IMG_1164 IMG_1075       IMG_1100 

And some poses were just SO CHWEEET!!!

I love that girl’s looking for love head prop! NAIS!

The next pose is funny too. LOL


And hey! those 8tv peepz joined in our freeze to!

Orange from Ho Chiak, Desmond and bla bla bla


Anyhow Anyhoo I’d like to think that this event, although not as perfect as those ang mohs did but hey! It still rawked and we all had FUN!

It rawked so much it made Sherlyne the organizer CRIED!



ok I was Joking lah.

But then Jer, Great timing for this photo!


Took a few random pictures of Times Square


IMG_1414 IMG_1415

And worse is CHUK stole my heart!


No. Not that heart heart. THIS heart!


We were using it as props and he ran away with it RIGHT after the MOB ended.


How could YOU?!

Give me back my heart~~~!




PS: For those who thinks that I am emo-ing cause I’m single on Valentine’s day based on my last post, You ALL GOT IT WRONG! was just looking for transport to go to the Movie Screening. Which in the end I didn’t go.


But Still I’m not emo-ing over being single! I’ve been single on valentines before and it’s NO BIG DEAL. Plus this year it’s the same day as CNY! woohoo!

PPs: Happy Belated birthday Carson!



Jeffro said...

Nice post on the VFM...
Was great meeting you guys there =)
Nways, dun worry on being single during valentine's.. Heck I've been single EVERY valentines and most special occasions... Who knows, you might even find someone special on Valentine's? Hahaha.. just a thought *winks*

catch ya some other time!

kenwooi said...

this is so interesting.. it's so much fun to be in KL eh.. can do so many stuffs.. ppl out of KL (like me) cant do much to join.. =P


stephy-nie said...

@Jeffro : no worries m not worrying at all! :)We singles shall rawk Valentine's day like nobody's business! :D

@kenwooi : yeah lo all events also in KL wan. I had difficulties when I wanna go also though I'm from Klang which is considerably near XD

you can always organize one in Ipoh mah! XD

**~Pu-3~** said...

Wah~ everyone froze? Should be so much interesting than what I experienced with flashmob.

Last november, flashmob organized people to sleep. Check out my post here! :D



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