February 03, 2010

Who wants to be my Valentine’s Date?

I have one good news, and one bad news.

Good news is I won the invitations to the premier screening of Valentine’s Day with my pervertish entry with Patrick Dempsey! Click to read it. But promise me don’t puke.

Or LYAO (laugh Your Ass Off)image

Which means I get to see all of these celebrities in action being all lovey dovey about Valentine’s Day!

oh whee~

BAD news is…

I need to find for someone to go with.

Who needs to fulfill these conditions :

1. Guy / Girl or in between, whichever. I don’t mind. I’m kinda gay too 23


3. Must Drive me to there and from there

4. REALLY must have a car.


6. Can drive me.



yes I don’t have transport there and I need someone to send me.


the screening is on the 9th of Feb in Cathay Cineplex Damansara. Which is UBER UBER UBER far.



Anyone interested? girl31





Kimberly said...

hahaha... Too bad, I can't drive too =P

Have fun yea =)

Joshua said...

So good! Congraz!

sah90 said...

I dont think I want..

Anyone want it?Any?he3

stephy-nie said...

@kimberly : haiz... hahaha...

@joshua : thanks

@sah90 : lol. don't want then nvm lah..

MKL said...

Oh bummer. I saw your ad too late :P Now I'm already flying to Taiwan to date another girl :P Maybe next time, haha :)

stephy-nie said...

@MKL: LOL aww.. send me some souvenir then from taiwan! hehehe

kenwooi said...

haha.. all the best in searching for the date! =)


stephy-nie said...

@kenwooi: hopefully XD

Mabel Low said...

Congratz girl! I can drive i can drive! *raises her hand dang high!
But then right... T,T i dunno how to drive all the way to kl from ipoh lah. Let alone drive you to that place. sobs.

manda_lew said...

damn i wish i can drive!!! ahhh

Stefanie said...

Nvm, don't feel sad and lonely. Me also single, but you can invite your cousin or your family members to go! :)

stephy-nie said...

@mabel: haiz.. you so far.. T_T why? whyy? hahahhaa

@manda : in the end it goes to you too XD

@stef: lol. my cousins all also not in klang @@ haiz.. XD but then m not lonely lah. I'm just looking for someone to teman me go to that movie screening LOL!

Tekkaus said...

Being single also has its advantages. :D


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