March 13, 2010

Life is like Mozzie bites


It's so funny that things come and go like a mosquito. They come, bite you, and go. And you'll feel itchy. but just for a while. and sometimes it scars.

Ohkays maybe My blogging in seriously tending to photo blogging style with minimum words and photos scattered anyway but then I think I like it this way cause I am UBER lazy to type so much and prefer that my photos speak what I see and go through daily.

All photos are taken using : Canon IXUS 80IS

Like they say, picture speaks a THOUSAND words!


Sometimes all you need to do is just to Look Around CLOSELY, and you’ll notice that LOVE is EVERYWHERE.



I wanna watch Alice in the Wonderland lah! This Plant reminds me of the Hookah-smoking Caterpillar! minus the hookah of course :D


I believe in the magic I can make happen.


Reminds me of my last layout. Flower Power!

Oh and last few weeks ago mum tried cooking Bah Kut Teh at home and parents even did their own multi layered intestines! And I tell you, mum’s BKT RAWKS!!


But the process is alil…. fun!



Cleaning Processes are NEVER a nice sight.

Yesterday when I was waiting for uncle to pick me up for my driving lessons and WOOTSA! I saw awesome sky! I ran in to my room for my cammie yesh I did not bring my cammie to driving class. oh wow. and started snap snap snap!

Lemme know what you guys think!


Framed the sky up!

White balance : cloudy mode


White Balance : Tungsten Mode


*modified* White Balance : Tungsten mode

I added the shadows to create a more obvious silhouette and warmify it alil.




Rooftop Black & White.


The clouds are just MAGNIFICENT! It’s like cottons!


*Original Photo*

White balance : Cloudy mode


*tweaked alil*

I LOVE this photo!

Look at the cloud spread over the sky and the hue.



Another one, moved the angle alil, White Balance : Tungsten mode.


The clouds are like the smudge technique in painting that I learnt from my teacher. :D

Screen Captures1

Webcamming is fun. Especially when you get to see your long missed nephew!

"O oh! I just got an erection. Oh no it's not cause of your state of undress. Its cause I need to pee." -Dr.Walter : Fringe

SO that almost conclude it all. Except the driving lesson part cause since I didn’t bring my cammie I don’t have any photos to show.

But then again I’ve finally get a hang of the driving and all and on Monday I shall be waiting rotting gan-cheon-ing at the Driving school and Pass with Flying Colors awesomely and get my P license and Drive!


And Tuesday I shall enjoy the hell outta my life!



Songs I love! And that I’ve learnt to know.


I miss my Blogging MOJO.




Carson Heng said...

Haha! I love your snapshots! I wanna take up photography when i get the chance to as well, for now I just snap what are nice to my eyes x)

Which reminds me... what about those mosquitoes we whacked and died? Do they stay with us forever? =P

stephy-nie said...

Thankius! :D i also snap whats nice to my eyes marh..

mozzies that u kill stains ur hands n it's there for as long as u live! XD


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