March 02, 2010

Project Alpha Season 1 : The Best Bits!

I’m sure like everyone in the  blogging world especially Nuffnangers had heard of Project Alpha which premiered last year September. What the world is Project Alpha? It’s basically a show where it features the most influential, popular bloggers like Kenny Sia, Huai Bin (Sixthseal) , Fourfeetnine and lots more!

And if you may think it’s a small program show but hey try taking a look at their sponsors!

Main sponsor: Adidas Fragrance

Official Broadband: P1

Official Airline: Malaysia Airlines

Official Hotel in Malaysia: 360 Hotel

Official Hotel in UK: Millennium Hotel, London Mayfair

Official Radio Stations: ERA and HITZ

Official Cosmetics Sponsor: Rimmel London

Official Hair and Make Up: A Cut Above

Official Blog Partner:

Official Social Network:

Official Production house:

On Line News Portal: The Daily Chilli

Heck PLUS! their host for the show is none other than JoJo Struys!

Though I thought this was actually cool to have like these blogger-TV-shows that turn normal day-to-day high traffic bloggers into celebrities, but honestly I only watched Kenny Sia’s and fourfeetnine’s full video recordings cause my internet is just TOO slow to load and since I love Kenny Sia ever since I bumped into his blog YEARS ago, while fourfeetnine is just CUTE! So I sacrificed myself into the long wait for the videos to load.

For other bloggers, I only watched a bit of their videos here and there whenever my Streamyx was kind enough to load them fast for me :D

So let’s refresh what was among the best bits of Project Alpha Season 1!

1. We get to see Fourfeetnine Audrey’s ROOM!

2. You get to see NicoleKiss eat BUGS! eeuuuwww!

3. Hear Redmummy talk about her days in Fear Factor!

4. Know who BeautifulNara’s girlfriend is!

5. See Budiey Reverse Bungee with BeautifulNara’s GIRLFRIEND!

And the best for the last….

6. Know which “position” KENNY SIA likes and SEE him almost NAKED!

And if these videos entertain you then Make sure you guys catch Project Alpha Season 2!

Also follow them on twitter , with their very own hash tag #projectalpha and facebook!

Season 2 features bloggers such as Niki Cheong image (who have a column in The STAR newspaper :: BANGSAR BOY! and Star R.AGE What The Tweet!)

image Cheesie from Cheeserland,



image Azwan Aliimage



                                                              Joe Lee

image Ninie



                                             Shaolin Tiger

Go check out NAO!


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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