April 01, 2010

I dropped Chemical Engineering to join d world of CRYSTALS! :O

yesh people I have decided.

I am gonna put aside the engineer dream to pursue a career in crystal sales and feng shui reading people!



*clears throat*

ehem ehem heh.. heh.. heh.

*scratches head*

Truth is you guys know how I’ve been rumbling about getting a job and being nagged about getting a job temporarily while waiting for the scholarship results to be out?

Well guess what? I finally got one! *sobs tears of JOY!*

And well thinking that I got an awesome job cause it’s a job which pays me alot alot can very subjective I know but for now this is alot by just hanging out in the shop and if there are people (i.e. customers) I’ll be selling them stuffs and whatever they need. And based on my rough survey, this shop is kinda peaceful swat flies kinda shop. LMAO


So yeah I’ll be spending half of my day in Giant, learning up on crystals and it’s magics while memorizing the discount prices that I can give and maybe learn how to PIERCE sombodeh!  58

oh yeah I might take up piercing as a career and then I’ll go i nto tattoo-ing and open my own piercing parlor in Mid Valley and you can see me doodle tattoo people!


okay maybe i shan’t go that far first cause I need to start preparing a back up plan if some uncle or auntie comes up to me and ask me if I have certain certain crystals in Mandarin/Hokkien. Imma dooooomeed!29551892mq5   

Cause all I know is common crystal names IN ENGLISH! Like amethyst and quartz. But in CHINESE??!


Hmm and imma bluffer. As in you give me a brochure and tho I may not have any knowledge at all on it I CAN BLUFF MY WAY OUT. *beams* Proud of that skill. BUT NOW I NEED TA BLUFF USING CHINESE?!!


I don’t even know what you call spleen or liver in mandarin! I know in Hokkien lah but then its “kuey kua” as in chicken’s liver. I think humans wan also is called kua. LMAO

oh but the most interesting one.


why? Cause rose quartz increases fertility, Eases sexual or emotional balances, helps clears stored jealousy, anger, resentment, guilt,and fear, reduces hot temper, Enhances self confidence and creativity and aids forgiveness and compassion AND LOVE.

Which in summary, it’s a LOVE STONE!

You can come to U-Planet in Giant Bandar Bukit Tinggi and get a bag of it for RM5 only!


Either keep it to yourself or give it to your loved one to spread the love!


And so with this job I shall create and help more couples and loners and wanners as in want-ers which means ppl who wants? LMAO with the magic of crystals and zen stones and awesome pendants and bracelets!1775465294jpg70248010qy838724042xy1

Okies I’m being very the lebeh.

But then again this means I MIGHT be off the internet more often than I used too cause I think most prolly I’d be uber lazy to come home from d job and on the blardy PC to come online.

Or maybe NOT.


But then Mum was totally deranged when she got the electricity bill this month and so we hafta cut down on the PC usage cuz apparently we overused the PC and made the electricity bill spike up high so we hafta puasa PC!

Dad was like only can use 1 or 2 times a week!51684533rb1 Oh the horror! Use PC online wher egot consume so much electricity wan?!


Imagine once a week only fb-ing! – hmm actually i dun have nethin to do in fb also

But then imagine once a week only in twitter! which.. nothing much also actually.

What about bloggin?! I can’t blog much ady and this means once a week blog post!! D: – umm.. isn’t this what I AM already doing now?


okayyys. So maybe not much of a horror lah.

Just that I won’t be reading much of you guys’ blogs ady lah..


*bows 2,3 times*

So imma gonna go 1sleep naos!

Wish me luck and MUAHS!





I know. women are hard to be understood. Just don’t get the whole “attracted to bad boys” thing huh? LMAO 


kenwooi said...

so im sure you'll be the next lillian too! =P

stephy-nie said...

LMAO hahaha. hope so hope so. XD

Carson Heng said...

wanna pierce do it properly u know.. dont simply poke poke poke ppl >=D

stephy-nie said...

XD come be my lab mouse!


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