April 17, 2010

I know you miss me. Me miss you too

Life is amazing.


Cause you’d never know what might just come outta nowhere in life!

It’s like at one time you might just be falling into a hole of infinite darkness and the next you’d see a hand holding up to you pulling you into the light and warmth away from all the pitch black.


Sometimes I wonder if things are really going like they are now. Is that hand real? Can I trust my whole being into letting that hand pull me up and show me the way to warmness and everything good?

How sometimes things could seem so wrong but feel so damn right at the same time.

Its so ridiculous yet convincingly makes sense it makes you go crazy!


But I love how the randomness and unpredictable-ness came into my life.

Little did I realized, I kinda auto-pilot-ly adapted the randomness into my life that when it decides to officially enter I auto pilotly accepted without considering. It’s like my body worked on its own while my mind goes eh? oh? what? how? what just happened? O_O



You guys may be thinking wth am I rambling about. Well, Thats for me to know and For YOU to find out XD

What I know is that I shall take my chances again and deep down inside I hope that history wouldn’t repeat itself again and that finally my intuition is right LONG TERMLY.

IMG_4106    IMG_4101

I never regretted doing what I decided. I was glad you brought those sparkles for me. It tingles. hehe.


Beautiful day in Genting.

It’s a long long way to go.






Carson Heng said...

Eh eh! its time for me to find out, what is it about? >=D

stephy-nie said...

ngehehheheheheh * winks*

kenwooi said...

im amazed by the pics.. but im also interested to know whats on with you =P

stephy-nie said...

thanks ken! but then the issue shall be a secret! XD


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