April 02, 2010

I never knew crystal bracelets are so BLARDY expensive!

1. I’m eyes wide open when I see the prices of these crystals!

2. I stringed 2 clear crystal bracelets *proud* which was worth RM59.90 EACH! well on tag price lah. XD but then again wtf they can charge so high wan!

3. I broke a green bracelet which has a price tag of RM 90++ @@ omgwtf scare me! but the string hardened ady after too long. But boss was so lepak ne. I told her putus ady and she just brush it off and say nvm restring it ne.

4. I ran up and down the shop so many times cause there was like 2 customers at 2 ends wanting to see 2 different things! And i was aloe in the shop wtf!

5. Sien. Rain is very the noisy.

6. I saw my friend’s sister working in Giant too! omg lmao.

7. There’s many many noms in the shop :D

8. I love the pendants there. AWESOME designs!

9. Pendants there very expensive. NOT including the CHAIN.

10. Piccies from Harveen’s Birthday outing!



IMG_3825 IMG_3827

Arvin, Edwin, Shyne Sze, MUA!

School budaks’ mini reunion!

IMG_3834 IMG_3761 IMG_3762 IMG_3763 IMG_3770 IMG_3772  IMG_3775IMG_3779

(LEFT) Beer + Empty Margarita Glass (Right) Special beer cocktail! LMAO

IMG_3774 IMG_3776 

Orange Juice.. oops! I mean Tequila Sunrise! and bubbly beer.


 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3800

I’ll bring camera next time to work soon and I’ll show you a few awesome designs there!


signing off,



kenwooi said...

crystal mah.. sure expensive.. lol.. every women wants it.. the demand gets higher, and therefore the price increases as well =P

stephy-nie said...

haha. but most people who bought crystals are men. Rings especially LMAO

CripsyCaiHong said...

orange juice makes me thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw miss u la.miss reading your blog ler:)

stephy-nie said...

hahaha. shall update soon! very tired lah after work.. lazy online lah hahaha.. sorry yah dear

Iverson D.Yuan aka Ooi Yuan said...

the white crystal bracelet i wearing is about RM90

stephy-nie said...

haha exactly! see so expensive. hahaha. but got any difference ah? does it helps?


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