May 04, 2010

Mum finally believed that Bloggin gives me MONEH!

Woots people I’m finally blogging again! I know I know I’ve been out of mojo lately plus I get very sleepy and tired at night I couldn’t exactly get in to the blogging mood.

So. Why Now that she believes Blogging gives me money? Cause she made me check out my Nuffnang Earnings which is like RM72 from my account and woots my check is here!

IMG_4286 IMG_4289IMG_4291

So yays that I’ll be having extra cash this month! RM70 pun jadi lah. LMAO Janji I got some moneh and my parents reduces the thought that I am wasting time and energy on blogging nonsense!

Oh on another topic, Guess what I saw in Tesco earlier! You guys know the brand Stabilo right, the color pencil brand that is like among the top brands used here.


<I know I said color pencil but I’ve put the highlighter picture (from google images btw) I couldn’t RESIST the cute PENGUIN!!>

LIKE WTF how can such a huge brand be RACIST!! Why do I say that? Cause of THIS!!


How could they call the Black NEGRO?! Like wth! Racist Giler weih! Gone lah Stabilo is gonna lose their Black customers already.. Kesian Kesian..1775465290jpg


Anyhoos, so whats up with my life nowadays? Well work has been taking up pretty much of my time and FINALLY I’ve completed my 1month work and woohoo my first PAY is about to come out!

So soon I can go eat a meal of Sushi with my family with my own hard earn CASH!


And as promised I’ve took a few photos of my workplace and the crystals that the shop I’m working in is selling as well as stuffs my neighbors are selling so enjoy the awesomic ceh ceh puji my own photos LMAO photos up!

The Stuffs that we sell~

IMG_4016 IMG_4037IMG_4035 IMG_4031IMG_4143    IMG_4279-1

Free Accessories for mey!


Awesome Photos That I took from neighbor’s kiosks! Me hearts!

IMG_4243IMG_4248  IMG_4244 IMG_4256IMG_4263IMG_4265    


And what happens if Stephy has a pencil and a piece of paper.


Sorry if my piccies could not be load on your awfully slow broadband but then again photos are what I love and what I want to share so be patient lah yah. Like they say, “Sabar itu separuh dari Iman” LMAO

Working in that shop people always ask like i’m a freaking engineering graduate! Why the hell am I working in a crystal shop? Like wth?! I KNOW. Like I actually want to like get stuck here, shake leg, eat fries and RM1.50 peppermint and chocolate chip ice creams and get paid right. Like who would want THAT kinda job right?!


As I was saying, I know I should have been getting a related field punya job would be a more practical thing to do instead of this but then again I dunno, I feel like this job does teach me things. And things that I dunno if I could learn by facing cylindrical cones oh wait what?! umm cylindrical… thingys. DAMN I forgot what you called that already.. errr err umm umm.. cylindrical flasks? Ah whatever lah. The point is that I’ve been learning sales and marketing and communication in a way that is very raw. LOL There’s nobody to teach me the theories and so it’s like throwing me into this place where I speak like 20% of their language and I’m supposed to like convince them into buying it!

I’m a banana as in I am a Chinese outside but then I have no FREAKING idea how to read Chinese and to speak properly and this shop’s customers are like 60-70% Chinese educated chinese speaking Feng Shui obsessed CHINESE!

And amazingly I amaze myself sometimes I manage to use my VERY the LIMITED mandarin / Hokkien / Cantonese to convince them to buy!

How awesomic is that! LMAO

Plus, the variety of people that I’ve met are madness.

Like there are people that are so cute that they would totally just ask you to decide for them which to buy and they wouldn’t mind the money they have to spend, or like that customer who like bargains my intestines out of me and wouldn’t stop till she manage to discount the hell outta us and pay pennies for stuffs worth hundreds!

And I’ve gotten to meet 2 awesome neighbors that are very very awesome to hang out with and its really cool to have such a bond with them that though we only knew each other for like a month but we have the trust in each other that we could just leave our shops to each other without hesitation! And really thank them for helping me out during peak times where I couldn’t handle stuffs myself. Awesomic people they are!

So yeah it’s a different experience overall which I would treasure cause I improved my mandarin like really really improve and I could recognize more words already! woots!


Pardon me for the Uber Long post cause I suddenly have so much to rant about I put it all in one.

Oh and work days are not the only days I enjoyed. There’s my  off days too! *winks*



and and and KICK ASS KICKS ASS!!


(image from google)

Oh and I accidently Pierced my freakin finger today! I know I’ve been announcing it everywhere.

Was playing testing experimenting Fiddling with the ear piercing gun earlier when was bored and while adjusting the earring in the gun, it suddenly releases itself and bam! the earring was in my finger and the gun stuck on my finger.

I was like FCUK!!


Well unfortunately it didnt bleed nor leave a scar.. I just unpluck it out and tadah! no pain no blood.


But then again, AWESOME!!!

Lucky I still have my finger on or everytime I swear I’ll have to photoshop my photo like this.















Shirleen said...

cool .. you got your cheque.. :D

Carson Heng said...

waaaa got so much money to cash out~ belanja timeeee! xD I purposely strain my eye just to spot your chinese name, and I got it! whahahaa~~ >=D

Never knew you're a banana though, always thought u could speak better than meee! ><

PS: it took my slow internet a few mins just to load your page!

Mabel Low said...

Welcome back!!! Like finally.
Eh.. you're workin' in a kiosk too??? Me also. But for 4 months already, entering into my fifth. How's it going so far??? Got teach how to buat bling bling ah?? :D

stephy-nie said...

@shirleen : thanks!

@carson: i CAN speak better than u. AND m a banana hahahaha. yay yay! SHHH dun tell ppl my name!!

@mabel : heyya! they thought me howta string n stuffs lah. basic ones so it upta our own to bling it! LOL. i baru work a month plus oo! haha. i saw ur website for d bling! awesome!

kenwooi said...

congrats on the cheque!

LOL @ black negro! lolss..

and HTTYD was awesome! too bad i have watch kiss ass =/

J said...

i got 2 bucks only..can i cash it out??
sob sob..

keep up ur good work!!!


stephy-nie said...

@kenwooi: lol thanks! ^^ finally got money! hahaha

@J : LOL go ask nn give u your RM2 lah! LMAO. slowly lah slowly lah


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