June 18, 2010

I laughed out of nothing in the toilet.

Like the title said.
I was gonna go bathe and in the toilet one random stupid thought just came to my mind and I laughed out like I've watched Russel Peter's !xobile video for the thousandth time.

Like the title said.
I always have crazy thoughts in the toilet. Like while scrubbing please don't imagine, I swear I'll dig your eyes out and stuff it inside your balls
As I was saying, while I am you-know-what-ing I tend to start thinking, what ifs which I'm considering if I should put it up here in my blog so that the whole world knows. hmmmm . and when this happens, I tend to be scrubbing the same spot all the time till I actually get outta the thought which causes me to be stuck in the bathroom for so darn blardy long!

Like the title said.
Just that day I was sitting at the food court outside my shop and I was looking at those kids play in the play area and
Can you actually imagine I might end up like them people and have kids one day?
I smiled stpidly to myself and suddenly you know what thought came to me?
You know kids these days especially gals mature so fast and What if my 6-year-old daughter comes up to me on a random day and says that she wanna have a bra even though she barely have any booby bumps coming out yet and I go *shows indian makan hand sign language if you know what i mean* and she throws a tantrum in the shopping mall on having the spongy cuppy ones when I reply "FOR WHAT?!"?

I know.

Like the title said.

I sometimes can't sleep at night cause when I am lying on my bed, I start thinking.
Sometimes I flash back memories with peeps, boys, families and stuffs and again I go what ifs.
Imagine like one day my mum caught me doing stuffs that she wouldn't like go figure what. I like to keep the suspense
. I imagine I get kicked out, camp in besties' house.
Or I get forced to marry some random man they picked cause he could speak 14 different languages.

I know.

Like the title said.

Somewhere over the rainbow, Sky so Blue

and Somewhere over the rainbow, Blue twitter birds fly
TwitterBirds fly over the rainbow, Why oh why can't I.


Like the title said.
One night my friend called for me to console her which ended up with me calling my other friend to console this friend and me sms-ing another friends on what to to with that friend who ended up this friend calling me to console ME instead till 5am cause I was soo worried about that friend and that other friend sounded so relaxed and sleepy while that friends was depressed that made me worried so much I couldn'd sleep and started sobbing mind you it was 3am and i was halfway sleeping and awaken by such call you think won't tension ah?.

I know.

Oh this was my birthday gift from bestie! Thanks Arvin!

Like the title said.
If only these stuffs could get rid of my black eye rings :(

Was wishing that these free things could help

Then I could have pwetty skin like this!

photo blurred so my eye rings are not obviously seen here which OBVIOUSLY failed miserably @@


Like the post reckons,
I need some 15hours sleep.
Off day! when ARE you?! *sobs*

Like the title said.
I laughed out of nothing in the toilet.



Carson Heng said...

Obscenity! =X
Bad influence to me ><

stephy-nie said...

APA obscenity? mana ada? *innocent*


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