July 15, 2010

Justin Bieber is Sexy, Naughty AND Bitchy!

Well at least based on my Media Player it says so.
Bieber fans don't kill me XD

Oh oh did I mentioned that My baby Ixus went missing?

As in I LOST my Ixus?
uh huh.

LOST my baby IXUS.

How you ask?
Well, let's just say that I'm a freaking idiot who is so CARELESS to actually leave my freakin camera in the toilet.

See I went to toilet to DUH! do my business and cause my phone is chucked in my pocket together with my camera, I was afraid that I might drop it into the toilet bowl which is nasty and so I hung my ixus on the door. Long story short, after doo doo doo, I kinda walked out straight and washed my hand while thinking of all the nonsense I went through that morning I tied the one same bracelet 3 times and 3 3 times it broke off no matter how i tie it. It's a SIGN! and I left to my work place. I stood there awhile and when I put the calculator into my pocket, I remembered something that I didn't take and SPRINTED like mad on heels mind you to discover that it's GONE.




I know.

My 1 year old Ixus is GONE forever.

F**K you whoever took it and didn't return it! I curse you to pok kai everytime you walk, lose all the hair you have on ALL part of your body, Every photo you take with my camera will be blurred, and you'l lose a gadget of your beloved!





But thanks to them who comforted me when I teared. :) You guys are the awesome one.

My neighbor reckon that when something valuable is lost, it actually protected you from something bad from happening to you.

then I pondered.

My camera was sacrificed to save me from pok kai-ing in the toilet and DIE.


Point taken.


So now I might need tah go back to the only camera in my house.

Plus with the film rolls that is supposed to be used before 2006 which = expired that a FRIEND contributed for free basically threw the junk at me lah XD jk jk You'l prolly see me with that cam instead. MANUAL NON-ADJUSTABLE Camera where there;s NO ROOM FOR MISTAKES cause I can't delete it and to develop it i hafta pay no matter ==

sigh. Oh but I found something that really made me smiled like mad which sometimes I wish I could do!

*click to enlarge*

I Guess I just gotta survive these time without the camera lah.
I'l gotta tahan till I have enough money to get another one!
*eyeing on S9 or 300HS if budget is permissable :D*

oh lala!

till then



ken said...

if my camera lost i sure very upset =(

Mabel Low said...

Sorry to hear about that. :(
But hey, maybe this will be your chance to get a BETTER cameraaaaa!?

CM said...

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stephy-nie said...

@Ken : it IS very saddening. EVERY time I have something nice I wanna take picture of, My heart aches :(

@mabel : I hoppeee.... :l

@CM.. umm ok.


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