August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka People :)

It's the time of the year again where people start to wave the 4colored Jalur Gemilang all over the streets, houses, shops, cars, bikes, bicycle, bodies, heads singing the lyrics changed and unchanged songs of the independence which we all love like the Tanggal seluar dan baju Tiga Puluh Satu (translated as "the 31st" or the Keranamu Malaysia, translated as "For You Malaysia". I remember how we all "love" singing those songs during perhimpunan during school and While I was a kiddo, I'd wake up at 7am just to go watch the parade every year on the telly.

After many years, Merdeka passes by just as another holiday where we can sleep till the afternoon. And as we grew up, it became one of the best excuse to go out with friends and celebrate! Like how Malaysia had revolutionized and grew, the meaning of this special public holiday revolutionized too.

Imagine this situation, you were walking around the streets of Malaysia on Merdeka Day and bam! some reporter with some fancy cameraman comes and approaches you and asks you "So you know what day is today?"


You (Y):*feels so SS cause masuk TV, stands facing the camera at the best angle and smiles like a donkey* "Oh my! of course I do! like hell yeah! Definately!"

Reporter (R): *opens eyes widely, eyebrows up, maintaining the fake smile waiting for your answer* "well?"

Y : *still maintaining the angle* oh! right of course *fakes laugh* it's Merdeka! D'oh! *fakes laugh like it's the FARNIEST thing in the world"

R : ahahaha *fake forced laugh as well* "right. So are you proud being a Malaysian?"

Y : Of course! absolutely! No doubt at all! *whacks chest* I'm always proud to call myself Malaysian! I have the flag wrapped ALL around my car, inside my car, on my car seat, on my house windows, walls, room, bed, slippers, heck I even sewed a hybrid dress made of cheongsam, baju kurung and saree WITH the Jalur Gemilang. It's written ALL across my forehead! see!" *points at forehead and moves closer to the camera to get a "better view"* "see? see?"

R : "ohkay ohkay! I get it! right. ahohoho *forced laugh* So what defines you as a Malaysian then?"

Y : Oh! That. umm.. *monologues to oneself* "ohkays, lets see.. oh! I can use the usual ones lah.. ummm ohkays" *scripts dialogues* "Oh! the love for food of course! like we have those awesome mamak and nasi lemak and teh tarik! these food can't get at other place wan.. And I'm so darn friendly! like if I see those ang mohs on the streets looking lost I'd go ask them politely with my pleases and thank yous helping them with whatever I can even if it means that I have to offer them my place to stay! See I have the Malaysian spirit there mah!"

R : "wow thats ama..."

Y : "oh yeas oh yes! not forgetting ah, the manglish-ing that we use lea. Like ah the "lah"s and the "ba"s and the additional of the "-ing"s on words. So Malaysian leh!"

R : "right. okays. um.. so, any messages for the Malaysian youths today since it's Merdeka?"

Y : "oh!" *does the Miss Universe pose and starts Miss Universe-ing* "well I wish that all Malaysians will love Malaysia forever and peace be upon you! We must ah learn to be racial blind and live harmoniously together as one. Like our PM says marh, "Satu Malaysia" leh.. And ah we should...*all the cliched miss World's world peace talk*"

R : "Right thank you for your time for this interview. I think that Malaysia would be proud to have you as her citizen *tries not to puke* Happy Merdeka people!"

Y : *tries to stand infront of the reporter to get your face as big as possible on TV and jumps around shooting one hand up in the sky continuosly* "Merdeka! Merdeka yo!"


*smiles cheekily*

well, as much as I think that these are really cliched and sometimes overboard-ing public display of genuine or not affection towards our country, I guess that that is one of the entertainments to look forward to every once a year dont'cha think?

Hmm, lemme have a stab at those questions myself.

"So you know what day is today?"


"So are you proud being a Malaysian?"

"So what defines you as a Malaysian then?"
-How it is not weird eating lontong with chopsticks, or when I use hands to eat at a malay nasi campur shop, or when I order rassam with my nasi kandar, or when I recognizes ladoo, or when I wear punjabi suit to work or when I go out to watch Kuch Naa Ka Ho at the cinemas with friends.

"any messages for the Malaysian youths today since it's Merdeka?"
- Let's go ahead and be Malaysian :)


Happy Merdeka peeps! and happy no work/school/class day! ;)


Mabel Low said...

"Many people celebrate merdeka in clubs" -by an epic friend.

Lol. Yknow when you said the najib sign, dunno why i had hitler in mind. :S *knocks my own head*

stephy-nie said...

Hahahaha.. yah yah actually quite alot of merdeka celebration in clubs leh. AND in Genting.

hahahahaha well, Najib's sign is almost like Hitler's wad. cept that Hitler shiows the whole hand and our pm points. *shrugs* LMAO


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