August 16, 2010

Simply emo-ish

Got myself a new header.
i call it simply emo-ish cause... honestly I have no idea but it just comes into my mind when I see it. Just look at it, it's simple AND alil on the emo side so tadah!


Emo-ish was how the last few days had been for me cause of some stuffs and looks like I hafta buck up and start thinking alil more devious and senget in order to survive!

So yeah I'll survive this thing cause I know I'm awesome and I CAN!

Beat it people! BEAT IT!

If you come at me again I'll release my monster at you!



Mabel Low said...

itu thumb saya naik atas :D HAHA.
You look really really tired in the 'rawr' pic. :S Get some rest mate!

stephy-nie said...

hahaha thanks chick :) Well that rawr pic was actually months ago XD I took that like last year if I'm not wrong XP but yeah I'm getting better now. no worries :)


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