August 05, 2010


Going through these few months I realized that there's many things that I've never actually seen or realized all this while. And even if I do notice it's existence, I realized I've never really went and appreciate it fully, acknowledging how grateful I am towards all the efforts done.

What which seemed so minor and annoying and insignificant matters like hell right here right now.

"How to think far but to not think TOO far when all you see is very far but sometimes not far enough?"

Life can just be so Ridiculously right yet wrong but then it'll never be black or white because sometimes all we need to do is to be grey.

LMAO I know you will ALL be blurred by what I'm actually blogging today, BUT, take your time and ponder about these thoughts and lemme know if you can truly get how I feel so we can share share abit :D

Been slapped with lotsa dilemmas and doubts and uncertainties that now whenever opportunity comes I just take charge and grab it, making it the base stone of my on-the-way-moulding future. I've found inspiring people around me and I'm so grateful that I could meet and have them beside me, guiding and encouraging me when I need that oomph. Grateful that I have my parent's teaching which made me into who I am today, Grateful that I made my dad proud, though I have not yet achieve anything touchable or usable, but seeing how only my attitude and how people see and acknowledge me make them feel So proud and happy.

It makes me feel awesome.

It helps me go on my pursuance of what I've and what I'll be chasing in life.


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