September 08, 2010

Making Wantans

Yes I'm at home making wantans. Many many muchy many of them.


Why is everyone flu-ing and fever-ing and cough-ing these days?
I mean it's RAYA for God's sake. The sick part comes AFTER Raya :{

But I promise I shall recover like waaaay soon before Raya really comes cause I so FREEEEKING wanna eat and drink and stuff myself with mad ass food!!!


Prolly like what she said, I guess after I let everything out my body just collapses and reset. However normal I want myself to feel I still feel that life plays me around so much that it's almost like it just wants me to give up on things but yet somehow because of how I think, I'd never do that. In contrary, I'll keep believing that everything's gonna be okay and it'll work out and I'll get what I deserve and be who I wanna be in the future.

It's just how you see it. A cup half full or half empty.

A spark that's on its start, or end.

I tried to fill an endless cup. Can I ever fill it? I guess I just have to wait till the cup holder finds the bottom before I could fill it for real :)

Waiting is an option. But we'll see how it goes. Choosing is a pain. Life changing decisions are a pain but a must. Fate brought this to us. What about what we bring to fate? Can we ever change them?

oh well, It's Raya for Pete's sake! Let bygones be bygones. Happy Eid Mubarak in advance of course! I'll be looking forward for my lontong & nasi kandar & nasi tomato & rendang & ketupat & peparu lembu masak kicap & dhalca & whatever they offer my tummy! :D

Don't you just love third point of view photos? me LURVEEE


PS: Do check out a competition organized by Selangor's Tourism Board called "My Selangor Story" and help vote for Jacq's entry here *winks*

PPS: I think my blog posts are getting weirder and weirder day after day.Don't cha think so? I wonder what's got into me. LOL but anyhoo I guess it's how I'm evolving I guess *shrugs* Hope I didn't scare you guys :)


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