September 18, 2010


Life might give you shit but...
Just Be Rainbowific!

Took this photo during one of my random outings to Genting a few months ago.
I love the wire lines so much I climbed on the cliff side OR i THINK it's considered a cliff side,asking my friend to hold on to my pants in case I lost balance and fall and I took the clouds and the wires! :D

I know.

You all LOVE me



ZOMG just heard Sam Tsui's mash up!

Love the Way You Lie Mash Up

So awesome!
But I can NEVER watch his video clips. It's just so VAIN!
it's like there are 3, 4 shots of him in different times and positions singing different tunes smirking there and I just SO wanna LAUGH MAH ASS OFF.

BUT! But but but.
His singing and his voice = AWESOMENESS
Me Likey

This is another THUMBS UP UP UP!
Nothin On You + Hey Soul Sista :)

AND below ish him singing one of my FAVORITE SONGS ALL TIME

You and I both - Jason Mraz

"Finally did dididi du du, Just remember oh the telephone works in both ways" :)

Gosh Siao ady lah me still awake at 430am

But I think Samuel is even CRAZIER. He just dyed his hair. at 3++AM @@

hahahaha Goodness now he's BROWN!no I'm NOT making a racist statement here. I'm referring to his HAIR. sheesh you people

Oh do follow me on twitter yah @stephy_nie XD
But PLEASE don't blame me if I spammed your home page with lotsa nonsensical whining and posts.
That's like the WHOLE POINT of twitter lah!


I wanna buy a camera SO BADLY
I am settling for another compact cam
I donno which to choooooose...

why all almost same same wan?

Tho I prefer Canon with Li-ion Batt and best if it rocks macro shot AND non-flash shots (which means LOW NOISE)

BUT Canon so maneeeeeeeey...


I think I need ta go sleep.
M getting nutsy ady

Let's go BANANA SLAPin!



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