October 31, 2010

ADV: Get Ready to be WoW-ed!

If you followed me on Twitter, you'd prolly get the *hint hint* on todays post and that it's delayed like really really delayed. ANYWAYss, THIS what what ARRIVED at my doorstep during my lunch hour last 2 days!


WOW like that is totally how I first reacted cuz it was large and I was wondering what could it actually be. I went and *shake shake* *sniff sniff* *touch touch* *see see* ignoring the Fragile sticker

And of course, with my smartness I managed to solve the mystery! yesh I know, full of SyokSendiriness

What's even cooler is...

it's a VIP Exclusive Preview of a brand new product from Kotex!

(Just in case for you guys who DON'T know what Kotex is, they're a brand under Kimberly-Clark for Sanitary Pads!)


Kotex has been among the top brands for pads and I admire their innovative efforts to really come out with tons of technology JUST for the comfort of us ladies!
So, *drum rolls* introducing, Kotex's latest revolutionary product :

Kotex Luxe* Ultrathin Design Pads!

After years since PUBERTY where we ladies are destined to be stuck with plain white and sometimes blue pads, FINALLY someone took charge and gave periodic period nyahaha just created that term! a twist!

Kotex had came out with this line of product where not only it's equipped with this awesome technology called Micro Max 2 Technology - which is a super absorbent core that absorbs well, providing maximum protection, it's think that you cant really feel restricted by that chunk of... thing, down there at you.. ehem.. "valley" XP, AND it has this soft cottony cover those netty plasticy ones are SERIOUSLY uncomfortable AND not breathable, its like chucking tons of tissues n sponge ya know, NOW it's enhanced with DESIGNS!

Ain't it just CUTE?!

It's available in 6 different designs, from ala-ala indie to girlie gurl flowery.

KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathins, the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology* combining dryness and comfort with just 1 pad. No more compromises!

So let's talk about what I've ACTUALLY gotten from Kotex first huh? huh? aren't cha curious?


It was a pretty neat sample box as inside I have THESE stuffs!


Plus point?
Not only the insides are yeng and stylish, I even LOVE their black box! Which is similar to the Limited edition Luxe Ultrathin line box (which I purposely asked for a sample so that I can get that Black BOX!


UPDATE *note that this box is available till 31st of December only! Get yours like now! before it dissapears!

If you prefer a... softer casing then you could get the normal packs with a pull-string bag! same cool design, just... softer :D

But seriously, it doesn't stop there!
Open up the boxes and you'll see PRETTY PACKAGINGS!

Doesn't that just CHEERS you up and shoos the PMSes?

Besides samples, they were quite generous on giving out free stuffs and premiums
(which of course, I DON'T MIND AT ALL) like that cool touch pad

A Notebook and a cool Mug!

Initially I thought the mug was fully black, till I FLASH it and noticed there's a hidden pattern!

Oh and to add on, when I fill it with hot drinks, the WOW appears magically!

*skips around excitedly*

A CD that my PC can't read cuz my PC sick ady cacat ady and refuses to eat zi CDs

So yeah, if you wanna have your hands on 'em, watch out for them at all Guardianm Giant, Jusco, Tesco and Watcon outlets from 1st November 2010!

Don't say I didn't warn cha, make sure you grab it fast fast!

Oh plus! Every pack comes with this reusable drawstring polybags with matching designs!

It's available in 4 packs,

1. Kotex Luxe* Ultrathin 23cm 6's (3designs) @RM4.90
2. Kotex Luxe* Ultrathin 23cm 6's (3designs) @RM4.90
3. Kotex Luxe Fusion Day 23cm 20's @RM15.90
4. Kotex Luxe* Fusion Night 32cm 14's @ RM15.90

So yeah hope you guys get "inspired" by these artistic pads, where periodic periods won't have to feel the same anymore!

Well, sort of i guess.


You guys can also visit Kotex's Facebook and join the competition there as well as to learn about Breast Cancer and how to prevent it.

Always remember that early detection may save YOUR LIFE.

Until the next period,


ps: photos taken with my new toy! Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH1

Oh OH! Thanks to , Kimberly-Clark, Kotex and IN.Deed Communications for the WOW-ing box! Hope to get more from you guys!


Mabel Low said...

You got to go?? Yerrrr... so gooooddd.. :(
Damn jealous lor...
They should go more to the north. To Ipoh, to be more specific. =.=

stephy-nie said...

Hahaha well, I didn't go for their product launching. They didn't invite me for dat *pouts* BUT they sent me this sample box for review! :DD free pads! LMAO


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