November 14, 2010

Of Boyfies



Ohkays maybe not the BEST photo to be used for this post but then again ABOUT this post…

Well it's just that I've been browsing and blog hopping around and I noticed like tons of people speaking about their boyfies and/or girlfies and their love and/or bun buns you get what i mean and so I thought, hey! that's one area I haven't really covered yet as in saying I haven't tried announcing / bragging /  post photos of me and my boy/girlfie absurdly making out in weird angles. AS i was saying again.. I haven't cover this part yet.


UNfortunately I currently don't have ONE to do so.2955189cloud

So THEN I thought hey!

Let's do the 25 random list thingys for me and my EXboyfies. I'm gonna like tell the whole freeking wide world all the eee eee ooo ooo eeuuww eeuuww stuffs that we did!



Maybe NOT.


Cause it's just weird.

I don't understand how people could be so open about their relationships with all the specific details and "VISUALS" of them kissing their "dar dar's" no not telur dadar's dar dars, its darling dar punya dars  Kissing infranta people already can feel paiseh paiseh alil and this is like FREEZING THE MOMENT WHEN YOUR FREEKING TONGUE IS IN HIS/HER MOUTH AND FORCE US TO STARE AT IT is just..


NOT that I'm kutuking you who does those but I'm just making a statement

Peace okay brudders. Uh, I mean sisters?


So Yeah, Boyfies.

It's pretty interesting cause I noticed I have a sorta weird non-patterned ways on falling for guys. Cause if you take a look which you prolly can't unless you know me personally they all don't seem to link. At ALL.



BUT I did found some similarity from my history like they're mostly lefties, though its in plural DOESN'T mean I have lots of HISTORIES okeh and they all have sharp mouth. Like they are these people who uses their mouths to attack instead of physical attacks.

So I am weirdly attracted to sarcastic laser mouthed lefties.


That's REALLY as much as I would wanna go. Really.


I am attracted to sarcasm.


Oh and I love wash board abs.

Don't need it to be all bonjol bonjol up but just flat enuf and mushy.


okay Please ignore that.


I see Twooooos!

Right So this is a total random nonsensical post which I have no idea where it came from but yeah it's nonsensical.

I'll never reach that level. seriously.

Gotta go chleep.

Nites peeps

*runs around screaming crazy*









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