January 02, 2011

Happy 2011!

Yesh I know it's 5 more minutes to the THIRD day of new year.
So what? The point is it's already 2011! woohoo!

2010 had been such a whirlwind to me where I was stuck in between so many decisions and I have not remembered any other years where I have to make such huge decisions yesh i'm a kid at home, sue me! So 2010 had been quite a headache and I've been tored apart like mad.

2010 was also a year where I've lost and found beautiful and ugly people of cuz I mean physically. Really and I've had my regrets on meeting and loosing so many people last year so gotta get used to saying that XD but somehow or rather I've noticed that in a way I've grown to learn more on the perspective of life and principles that really helps in being a happier person.

2010 I've had my FIRST job (as a promoter in the Crystal Shop) and also My first FORMAL JOB in the current office! I've never knew real office politics and mean girls rarw~ till I actually been in an office @@

2010 being over also means that I've been out of the studying world for ONE WHOLE YEAR. I've not used my calculator for a year, haven't read any chemical thingy for a year and haven't complaint about exams for a year. wow.

Whatever it is, 2011 is here and Imma make it another awesome year ahead! not forgetting not abandoning my bloggie which I love very dearly (it's gonna be your 4th year this year! though I felt like I've been blogging for decades XD

I gotta go out for more events! last year I really toned down alot cause all of my "drivers" I mean friends started working already.. But since I've already have a license to drive AND a car.. ngehehehe... TIME TO TRAVEL! (Current level : still driving around Klang only @@)

Whatsover Once again from stephy's life :



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