January 07, 2011

Season of the Witch loves Swedish Balls


Yeap I LOVE Swedish Balls while being Witchy.


Thanks to Alrin and Nuffnang I've been invited to to watch the Premier Screening of Season of the Witch at e@curve one day earlier before the official release Which is why Nuffnang always rawks .

i watched the trailer on TV and I was like woah finally a movie that might make me feel scared or at least awe me?



Imma big fan of magic and  sorcery fantasy fiction : READ Harry Potter Fan and I watched the Saw series in a marathon LAUGHING all the way.


Though the back half of the trailer kinda bleaky but it convinced me to be interested enough and when I heard that I could watch it for free though it WAS last minute decision cause I was worried I couldn't make it after work tadah! there I was rushing like mad after work just to go for the screening ALL THE WAY TO DAMANSARA

Oh and I finally know that Sunway Giza is NOT in Sunway.

It's in Damansara!

jeng jeng! 


Anyhoos, here's the summary of the show


A 14th century Crusader returns with his comrade to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, identifying sorcery as the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence. A priest, a grieving knight, an itinerant swindler and a headstrong youth who can only dream of becoming a knight join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl.


In english, this story is basically about two knights who deserted their vow to the church after realizing the political manipulation of Jesus to kill and conquer find themselves stuck again to serve another church after being caught by sending this girl(who they claim to be witchy i mean, a witch) to the temple of far far away to perform "rituals", in order to save the people from the Black Plague which i always thought it was pronounced as ("PLAK" instead of "PLEG" 

Yes you'll see the time when Knights are awesome and Churches rules the world and where everybody basically mentions the words Jesus in EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE like seriously

No offence though. I'm not attacking you Christians, I'm just saying how this movie portrays how dependant people were onto Jesus and how these "fathers" and apparently "heralds" manipulate the beliefs of there poor people and persuade people into doing horrible things.

okays enough of Moral Studies *cough cough*


as much as I expect this show to be good note I didn't mention GREAT I am left with disappointment only after quarter  of the movie. Like seriously!

The supposedly "Kan Cheong" part also not kan cheong wan..

Nicolas Cage was so…. Dead.

I love Nicolas Cage, really but…

Though I love Ron Perlman. He has the funniest Duh expression and one liners, prolly he's the ONLY entertaining part that made me survive this movie!


And the funny masks that these "Healers" wear. reminds me of the fugly Oracle protector in 300



i LOVE Claire Foy!

She's this innocent gal/witchSuspect/PlagueCause/Demon/Lucifer'sPet?

She has this amazing ability to look so awww she's so kesian one second and FARKIMMAGONNARIPYOURGUTSOFF in another second!

She reminds me of Esther! from the Orphan *click to see*

Whatchu lookin' at?

*sings* lima puluh sen~ lima puluh sen~

Screw you imma gonna kill you~ ngehehehe

She so pwetty~


So yeah.

if you are the movie goers that can be freaked out by zombie syberian huskies and jumpy zombie monks,

Go watch!

If not, I'll just let you know that the demon is so weak that all they need to do is to read. yes the pen is sharper than the knife. Point taken. and of course everybody dies i mean lives happily ever after

Head twist


UPDATE : this post weren't completed due to tie constraint XD

Let's just summarize the movie to a 4/10. Download it and watch if you insist. Not worth the money spent unless you watch for the sake of Ron Perlman's and Claire Foy's acting or if you're Nicolas Cage's die-hard fan.. Plot very flat, no climax much, draggy in some parts.

Oh and I forgot!

Swedish Balls!

P1020500 P1020503

Mad ass made me uber full. And what I'm really happy was that Ikea sells mineral waters (bottled ones 600ml) for only RM1.00! FYI you know how places of these areas tend to sell mineral waters with overpriced price like RM2.00+++?

My friend bought this bottled water, (Prolly cause it was Eviant i think if i didn't remember wrongly for like RM6.00++)


Ikea sells green Spritzer Bottles



Oh and one fact I've learnt from Ikea's fork, Japan is Holly Stainless!









Euniceee said...

Nice premier screening! =D
im gonna watch this movie!! =D

stephy-nie said...

:) it was kinda dissapointing for me. Didn't meet any of the other bloggers, the movie kinda boring. hehe. join the contests in Nuffnang then ma you can go loh! :D then lemme know see if we can meet up!


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