February 03, 2011


I remember last week I’ve read this article by JasonMumbles on @thestar_rage (a once a week section on The Star newspaper ) Read article here about passion. Somewhat somehow the article kinda took me back into the past and made me think of those days when I started to blog. yes for some strange reasons


I remember I got introduced to blogging in this High Achievers’ Program in college where YES we actually had to take a COURSE on BLOGGING like wth and as much as I’ve heard about blogging it wasn’t that HOT yet in 2007 remember?

After that “course” I’ve went around my newly acquainted buddies with existing blogs and I was straight away hooked up on it. I remember I approached blogging in a very protective way. I basically tried to avoid ANY, I MEAN ANY information on me into the blog. I went with a nick name *cotton* with the site name cotton blurts I know lame and started blogging very constrictively; like when you just got to know a new friend and you don’t go “hey I had 5 ex boyfriends and I’m no longer a virgin! you?” right? I’m just exaggerating the figure of speech but you know what I mean

But it wasn’t until the day I went blog hopping and I still remember I bumped into MissyCheerio ‘s blog and she in a way unlocked the blogger self of mine. Reading her posts made me see that it’s okay to be yourself and your blog CAN be that sanctuary for you to just write. And I like to read her blog cause it gives me the sense of personal feeling, as in she gives the friendly feel to us readers that it’s enjoyable reading it. And I want to give the same as well.

oh and good luck in your journey Ellie! Winking smile

Plus I like her photos. Pwetty Winking smile

So I changed my blog address to http://stefanizlyf.blogspot.com and slowly released this locked up soul into the sanctuary I just found. But after awhile of words filled posts, it started to not feel expressive enough since I can’t tahan to be reading AND writing essays all the time I bumped into ANOTHER blog; which was AngelKein and her blog inspired me to see through things and capture it with my lens though that time lens = my China handphone lens. Oh I still remember THAT one post that awed me here. I did take photos before but her photos was among the ones that gave me the idea to do more and see simple things behind ordinary viewsSmile

I particularly liked this one below.

Among my early photos you can see it at this post And mind you it’s taken with a VGA china phone camera *Beams proudly* though yes I edited them but usually it’s just tweaking the shadows and sometimes saturation since the camera I had had a “natural” hue


Kinda like lomo feel aite? hahaha. I didn’t even know what lomo was when I did this.


Anyhoos I’m glad I came across these awesome blogs, got inspired, and went on with blogging for all these while. Hey! it’s never a bad thing to expand our network and connections and get to know more people.

I love how I ended up here and now and I’m glad.

Happy blogging!

Open-mouthed smile


Derek Yap said...

Inspiration? Naiisss

Derek Yap said...

Ei, I just noticed "A long way down" was done by AngelKein leh... *dish*

stephy-nie said...

Yap it's by her. In that post I particularly liked her that one photo cause I've never thought that framing up that view would look DAMN good LOL.

ken said...

one day i might consider to write about my blogging journey and why i blog.. haha.. but being ourselves when blogging on a personal site is a good thing.. :)

stephy-nie said...

@Ken : yep. it is. and it feels good. Nice to write about our journey especially when we don't realize how long we've been blogging :)


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