March 23, 2011

tees for the soul


Last Thursday I’ve FINALYY received my parcel containing the awesomest most worth buying tees I’ve ever purchased! SERIOSULY! I sound so advertorial but oh I wouldn’t mind if hometoomuch wants to gimme another tee! Open-mouthed smile


Through Groupsmore I’ve got to know hometoomuch (their facebook here) and I’ve purchased this voucher so the very last minute I banked in the cash like at 1145pm, 15mins before the deal goes off LMAO.

They offered like 23designs for both girls and guy’s tees I personally prefer most of the guy’s tees over the girls and here’s the verdict!

Tee #1 : “Hey Hey Hey!”


What I like is that it’s free size but still maintains a shape that doesn’t look over baggy-ish. PLUS! Love the boat neck! <3

Tee #2 : “I am not designed to do housework, EVER!”


Oh how I love this tee cuz it just SAYS it! LOL. Good thing the M wasn’t too small nor big cuz was kinda worried since girl’s tees are abit more body fitting and if it’s big, it’ll not be nice..

Got lotsa attention when I wore it that day to Derek’s birthday party Smile with tongue out

Tee #3 : “There’s nothing between us”


This is so cute! AND the smallest size for guy’s tee. YES it’s a GUY’S tee! And I couldn’t help but to get it. AND to note, this is like my first pink tee that I actually bought on self will!

And last but not least,

Tee #4 : MICS!


Another guy tee, looks real cool. Got it for my sis. excuse the horrible modeling Smile with tongue out

All thanks to Groupsmore for offering the awesome deal, I’ve gotten myself those 4 awesome statement tees for only RM45! Yesh I know it says RM50 but cause they were generous enough to give me a RM5 token, I got it for only RM45!


The whole concept of Groupsmore is that it’s group buying where as long as the minimum number of buyers is fulfilled, the crazy awesome discounts (sometimes up to 80%) is ON! or you’ll be cashed back if it doesn’t, no worries about that *winks*


Currently Hometoomuch is running on 3 for RM50 offer with a free bag!


Check ‘em out for cool tees and great deals at :


Hometoomuch facebook



Shall enjoy my tees now! Say hi if you spot me! Smile with tongue out



Anonymous said...

Wow! All ur shirt look superb nice ler! I also wan!

stephy-nie said...

Thanks! Go buy Go buy! Most of their guy tees are very nice. I was more attracted to the guy's wan more than girl's

yoon see said...

Wow! You really look great and feel great Stephy-nie!

Take care!

stephy-nie said...

Thanks Yoon See! I am good :) Long time since we've chatted :D

Pou Leen said...

I have an account at Groupsmore too... but I haven't been really using it..

stephy-nie said...

Haha That was my case too. had an account, didn't use. Well till now cause of the tees :D


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