March 21, 2011


Last two days was like the one day after years okay maybe I over-exaggerate alil since the last I’ve went out for a full day outing (which is like from 11am – 12am) and boy I can feel the oldness creeping in LMAO

SO yeah me and my college buddies went for this early morning karaoke session and for a moment I thought we were early but turns out the place was already filled by the time we were there (ie 11am) like wtf are all of you doing early in the morn in a karaoke centre you sing-song junkies!


Me, Wai Meng, Jack, Elaine and Sarah got ourselves a karaoke room and things were alil damp at first cause I guess we were *cough cough* shy but then slowly the mic conquering got over us and we were cat fighting over the mics! yesh over exaggerating again


The thing about singing k is that it’s so freaking therapeutic that after a few emo songs like “Don’t wanna miss a thing” – Aerosmith, “It’s my life”- Bon Jovi, “The Reason”-Hoobastank and of course “Lau Hui I mean Bleeding Love”- by oh shit I forgot her name @@.

It’s nice to scream out the bad energy and make a fool of yourself by SS-ing around with the uber loud mic the room is a closed area for a reason you know

Sarah Cover

After the k-session which is about 2pm we got halau-ed with the Thank you screen, we have like 5hours plus before Derek’s birthday party, which was like at 7.30pm, so we thought hey! lets go watch a movie! And the movie of the day was…..

And ratings for this movie, 5/10 which is an average lahh.

though the first 3 movie was hilarious, I guess it kinda mellowed down alil already but though the songs in the movie is not bad.. Overall it’s okay lah. not much of a big hoo-hah.

After movies we went present hunting and SHIT I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICCIE OF THE PRESENT WE BOUGHT! FML for Derek and got him a funky colored huge earphones! We went to SnJ for the gift wrapper damn they charge for wrapping service now! and then we went to Popular to *cough* borrow *cough* marker pen to write on it. To think back we were so silly! we could’ve pinjam from SnJ only right.. since we were already paying for the wrapping then =_= total PHAIL-NESS.

So yeah after all that hoo-hah, Mr KS and J came to JJ and off we go for Derek’s place! and we were actually freaking early there that we’re the first guests! 1/2 early weih.. imagine..

BUT! Early has it’s ups cause I had this awesome piccie of zi pokeys!


So the comel.

Oh and another comel monster.


So yeah Happy advanced birthday Derek!


After all the food and Uno Game and Present unwrapping ceremony we left at about midnight, which means I was out of the house for a freaking 13hours @@ ZOMG

Piccies of the day!

Baby Modeling!


Ahahahaaha He so the COMEL! zomg he’s such a furball, he laughs at anything you do when he’s in the mood lah and he’s so playful! Cute cute nephew of mine!


I dunno about this pic but I have these deep feelings for it. Like so the very emo. LMAO. I dunno. I LOVE it to the max.

Well, it’s like 3.37am already! I Freaking have work tomorrow! So Tahs peeps!



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