April 18, 2011

I’m Despicable! Papoy!



Okay I KNOW this is like real late cause this movie like came out last year (I think) but I only recently found the semangat to download and ZOMGWTFBBQ I so freaking love this movie! ESPECIALLY THE MINIONS!

Plus I love the soundtrack. Especially the Despicable me. So cool LOL

I’m gonna skip all the rantings and daun kerings that I’ve planned to write cause I’ve typed and erased and retyped this post since yesterday and I guess I just couldn’t go on so I’m gonna just go lite and post cheery instead!

Oh and did I mention that the MOON is so FREAKING Bright today?

I tell you I have this soft spot for the moon and the stars. I remember back when I was a kid I used to stand outside my house and lean on the wall, looking into the sky at night just admiring the beauty of the moon and the stars.

I’d count the stars and spot shapes that could be formed. I’d just stare at the moon and smile myself silly. Mum used to think I was nuts to stand in the dark outside feeding mosquitoes but then I’ll always ignore her.

When I grew up as in teenager till now I still do that, though alil lesser especially since my front lawn was renovated cause there’s an awning installed now meaning there’s no open holes for me to look up T_T but tonight I was REALLY happy cause after I took the garbage out I looked up on habit and OMG there it is the bright round moon, cloudless night, semi-twilight sky on the opposite side, SO MANY STARS!


Yes and of course I tried taking photos in between the admiration cause I just have though though knowing that my compact cam cannot catch much BUT I caught this one angle of the moon behind the tall plant I have beside my house and I melted.

The beauty behind

SO mysterious and I dunno, I like the silhouette so much!

Another good thing about this weekend is that I've got quite a few nice photos!

*Happy Happy*

Though yeah kinda lazy to upload so many but here’s a few that I’ve managed to filter out and post up before my mum comes andd yells at me to go sleep cuz it’s like 2am now and I have work at 830am tmr =X



#2 Brayan Cutie!

Brayan Peek-a-Boo

#3 Simple but Awesome Economy Mee Hoon with Curry only for RM1.50! Wazzzup!

The thing about this picture is that I DID NOT edit at all using whatever software. All I did was took the picture with flash and used the pink colored tissue paper to cover the flash and walah! <3


Okay okay I might be abit of SS here (SS = Syok Sendiri) but yeah!

That’s it! at least that’s all the time I have >< GG



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