May 30, 2011

21! Oh Dang I missed it.

*Thanks to the awesomeness of windows live writer my post couldn't be uploaded and i hadta do it from blogger =_= #fml *

Yeap it’s the 29th of May which means I’ve turned 21 and survived another year of existence! Experience +1

So It’s 3.18pm and I just woke up an hour + ago, Haven’t ate my Lunch, Trolling facebook, being left at home alone, with the hot blazing sun outside making me NOT wanting to go out makan.
So yeah awesome 21st birthday celebration I’m supposed to be at Genting now

Anyway I DID had a nice outing with the college peeps, both Senior and Junior batch. Camwhored a lot Gotta get my hands on Alrin! All nice photos in his DSLR!
Thanks to Zheng Qian, Loo, Lian Yew, Derek, Sarah, Yen Yen, Wai Meng, Jack, Elaine, Xhie Hweai who apparently sacrificed her sleep and assignment time and Alrin for the cake and all ^^

Came home at about 1230am, hung out with family well dad was playing  Cityville while hanging out. Trolled more facebook, chatted, and slept at like what? 4.30am? XD
So here I am, sitting in front of the lappie, blogging, being hungry but too puteri lilin to go out under the sun.
*oh wait I found someone to go lunchner with mey yays!*
So I just got back from my “lunch” *looks at watch 6pm* and had aweshum macaroni and cheeeese at Kenny Rogers!
Being 21..
I dunno, getting the key to “freedom “ and all doesn’t really excites me as much as I thought it would be *dissapointed*  It’s just another year with another digit added on my age @@
Birthday wishlist?
DSLR!!!! teeheehee yes I know
Is it too much to ask for an iPhone too? Lol
Lots and lots of meals? I wanna eat everything *especially when it’s free XD
I wanna be spoiled! I secretly like it when people say aww nevermindlah you’re the birthday girl mahh.. it’s okay.. Smile with tongue out
So I guess it’s just another normal day of freebies and fun outings with friends.
Oh and thanks Mumsies and daddy for the awesome key 

Imma just go and be 21 and live on life~

Oh oh and since it’s close to 30th of May already..
Happy birthday Cai Hong! ^^

Thanks for that sweet post for my birthday. I know it was a waste that time when I was in Melaka and I couldn’t meet you. Next time when I go down, I’ll make sure that we’ll meet aite!
Let’s see, we knew each other… hmm I can’t really remember too, was it blog hopping? LOL But What I know is that you are a real sweet girl and it as really nice chatting away with you ^^
And since you’ve put a pretty picture of me, I’ll put one too teeheehee

Jocelyn Lum Choy Hong

Ain’t she this cute little girl X)
Happy birthday to us!
OMG I took almost the whole day to finish this post zzzz

the very last minutes of my birthday!

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