May 26, 2011


Sometimes it’s just like that. I don’t know what I‘m thinking and what I’m doing. I’ve always thought that it’s okay but after it happens a tsunami of thoughts just flood through my mind non-stop Judging, Screwing, Reminiscing, slicing though each and every part of my brains reminding me where I stand, Comparing.

And then I get the Obsolete stamp.


I guess it’s just a way to grow up.

I’m meeting people, I fell for some, I hated some, I Loved a lot.

It’s even funnier how people you know might not just be the person you thought they are, though it HAD been years since we’ve known each other. One day out of nowhere they might just come out of nowhere and ask a question. A VERY disturbing question. And as it disturbs you, you compelled into it and it brings realization of something that you did not notice at all.

The difference, the feelings, the memories.

The tear it brings. The joy that was.

Out of nowhere I just feel like crying.

I feel like I’ve lost my way, the shoulders I had to cry on.

I am alone.

alone in the dark dark dark room.

And it may sound ridiculous I know.

I don’t know how anymore. I just needed to pour things out, but I couldn’t explain. I couldn’t tell you why. But all I want is just that. To Tell, to talk. And see your face looking back to me telling me that I’m just being silly and things are gonna be alright. No one’s going to judge, and you know very well yourself that.


I’d wish I could go back to December and turn around and change my own mind.

Again, something rather contradicting,

GG questions we ask ourselves

You ain’t King of Anything


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