July 12, 2011

ADV: Roses Are Forever


Don’t cha agree?

Imagine going to a place filled with nothing but flowers and more flowers and even better roses! Yes it may sound like a scene only from those Korean and Japanese drama but hey there is one place now in Malaysia where you can experience such flowery event!



Happening at Pesisiran Tasik, Presint 2, Putrajaya from the 9th till 17th July 2011 is Malaysia’s very own Floria 2011 Floral Festival. Organizing this annual event since 2007, they have come back with the theme “Mawar untuk Selamanya” or “Roses are Forever” where we have tons of roses of all shapes and sizes arranged into beautiful landscape gardens as well as creative arrangements reflecting our country’s large variety of flowers and plants.


“1Malaysia 1 Mawar”

What to do there you ask? well there’s the biggest rose exhibition, with over 12,000 rose plants of different species with almost more than 60 varieties of them roses,


15 gardens and floral arrangement from countries all over the world like New Zealand, United Kingdom, US, Hong Kong, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia, Macao, Thailand, China AND Singapore.


Also, there would be 50 stalls selling all kinds of gardening tools and products, 55 tents of local handcrafts and art products AND 40 food and drink stalls to quench your thirst and that hungry tummy after the long walk! So no worries on a hungry tummy or thirsty you.


Now apart from all that, let me tell you the main activity for you artsy fartsy photobugs because besides all the leisure walk and sight seeing, you can also participate in the Photography Competition! Chik Chak! Why waste all the efforts in just taking those awesome photos of those roses? Get them to be admired and get paid! Winking smile

Here’s the details for the competition :

- Competition open for all
- Theme : Roses are Forever
- Dateline : 14th July 2011

- Picture Size : 800 x 600 px
- Email to : floriaputrajaya@gmail.com
(please include your name and phone number)

PRIZES (Ka-ching!)
No. 1 – RM 500
No. 2 – RM 300
No. 3 – RM 200

Winners will be contacted by the organizers and if you’ve won the competition, there’d be a Prize Giving Ceremony on the 16th July 2011, 230pm – 3,30pm @ Presint 2! woots! So you still have time to join till the 14th (this Thursday)!


Well, apa tunggu lagi? Get your shooting gears ready and shoot ‘em roses now!

Location : Pesisiran Tasik, Presint 2, Putrajaya.
Date        : From 9th till 17th of July 2011
Time        : 9.00 am - 10.00 pm, Monday – Thursday ;
                   9.00 am - 12.00 am, Friday – Sunday




yoon see said...

Hi dear stephy-nie!

Seemes like you really enjoyed your visit to the Floral Fest.

All girls love roses. The more the merrier!
Thanks for sharing about the photo competition "Roses are Forver".
All the best yeah!

Too bad I dropped my spare bactery, I didn't take many photos that day:(

Anyway, it's great reading your other posts too. It's great to travel to Penang just to support your good friend. I am so impressed with your kindness and friendship you have for your friend. Your friend is so lunky to have you as her friend.

Well, it's getting late here. Take care and bye!

stephy-nie said...

Hey Yoon See! Actually I didn't get to go to the fest cuz it was at the wrong timing. But yeah I guess most girls love roses no matter what color they are! :D

aww such a waste you didn't get to take much picture. but I guess most of your pictures i see from your blog can be used for the competition wad. They're rather pretty! :D

Well Penang was rather improntu but yeah I mean why not go support her, it's just Penang mah. hehe. Well thanks for th ecompliments anyway. Sweet of you.

You take care too! Catch up real soon!


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