August 31, 2011

Happy 54th year of Merdeka~!



Just a simple wish of Happy Merdeka Malaysians!

You know how we people, whether we try or not, will mention or state and repeat the fact that Malaysia is a multi cultural country. I find it really funny especially how we try NOT to segregate and differentiate. But then again, you can say that that’s rather what makes us who we are, don’t cha think. The fact that we acknowledge the diversity and the multi-ness I totally just made that word up of us and as hard as we would try to differentiate and claim ownage Natural instincts I guess we eventually realize that it’s rather difficult at some point cuz we assimilate so much of every culture that all also rojak ady. But instead of rojak, why not call it Malaysian?


Why struggle so hard against the current when the destination is at the other end behind us?

As clichéd as it is, I’m proud to be a Malaysian,

Proud of the food

Proud of the fact that I can speak multiple language does sarcasm counts?

Proud that I could understand the lingo when I speak to others.

Proud that I don’t find it weird if I hang with people other than my own race. I can’t understand why is there still people who find it weirdd!

Proud that I KNOW and Love things like Nasi Ambeng drools, Laksam, Ghee Thosai with Chutney, Tempe and I laugh real hard if someone says “Kita Bako je dia.”

and this

“oleh kerana kita hidup dalam demokrasi terpimpin, saya Usop, bekas penari kebudayaan ingin mengesyorkan supaya kita membuat satu undian, siapa-siapa di sini yang menyokong supaya kita bako rumah Kak Limah dan kita menang dalam mesyuarat ini, SILA ANGKAT TANGAN MACAM SAYA!”

Usop Rawks!

*quote from Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah* Go youtube it

Rock on!

Winking smile

Happy Merdeka once more!


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