September 11, 2011

I’ve got the Moves Like Jagger

Omaikot haha I just saw this new way of saying omaigod I am so freeeking obsessed with this song that everytime I play it I put it on replay again and again and again and again and again and again.

you get the picture.

Maroon 5 Adam Levigne AWESOME

If you’ve followed me long enough you’d know that I can get VERY obsessed with songs I’d spam everyone with it everyday usually my sis would be the main victim

Aaaanyways, while trolling going through Youtube I’ve found a few other nice videos too like

Hanson – Give A Little

Aww don’t you guys remember mmBop?

All Grown Up!
Those were the days

And so it’s 4am on a Sunday Morning.

I’ll be heading out for a jog in 3 more hours with sis or she’ll kill me cuz I ffk-ed her for a zillion times and See yah in lala land people!


Take that

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