September 21, 2011

Oh Fright Night


So last night thanks to Nuffnang and Disney I’ve gotten myself a pair of premier screening tickets to watch Fright Night at e@curve!

And to top it off, it’s my first time driving on my own to Damansara! Sheesh I know nuts on the way there though I know I’ve been there so many times for movie screening but I still didn’t bother to take note on how to go there Open-mouthed smile

Since I couldn’t find anyone to go with more like I procrastinated till it’s too late I went with my sis and we had dinner at Ikea SWEEDISH MEAT BALLS and bumped into quite a number of bloggers this time. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually seen so many of the familiar faces~


Oh even met Kenwooi there He recognizes me!  Tho didn’t see barbie there Smile with tongue out 

Summary of the movie is that this new neighbor who moved in happens to be a vampire who’s eating everyone in the neighborhood. Boy got curious and nosy, vampire got pissed, let the war begin!

Now the movie was okay. Not much of a hoo-hah, not much, BUT it was entertaining enough. Funny punch lines, okay storyline. Actually I was surprised that this DISNEY movie (read Mickey Mouse) has SO MUCH SWEAR WORDS. like seriously!

Rather classic vampire movie, no freakingly handsome vampires who have killing stares or SPARKLY FACE UNDER THE SUNLIGHT. This vampire is actually scared of the light! Good for you! old school vampire nails and turns, except those very fake blood splashes. Dammit can’t do better meh? so fake gosh.

Verdict would be : 6/10

Downloadable movie. You could watch in the cinemas but don’t expect too much from the storyline. Oh but how Amy got turned, HOT Open-mouthed smile

Till the next movie! Johnny English! woooots!




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