September 13, 2011

Procrastination! Happy Mooncake Festival!

Word Puzzle

Yes I am procrastinating from completing my work so that I would have a better day tomorrow to make it in time for that stupid deadline but I could not get into the kesemangatan-ness and so I will die tomorrow DIE!

*coughs coughs*

Anyways, was playing crossword puzzles and was alil bored and sleepy already it should be waking me up, stimulating my brains! and suddenly I found a word there and I got naughty and started print screening and doodling the whole puzzle LMAO Windows 7 Snipping Tool RAWKS

Well, Imma wish you guys happy Lantern-ing & Mooncake Stuffing today!

Can’t wait to burn light those lanterns I bought!

UPDATED: How I spent my mooncake festival? With mom, Sis and baby Brayan at Snowflakes and then ss15 Burger woots!
















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