October 09, 2011

Real Steel Premier Screening #TTRealSteel


So yesterday thanks to Churp Churp, courtesy of Tunetalk, I’ve got a pair of tickets to the premiere screening of Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman (DROOLS) and Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo Interesting name I have no idea where’s he from hmmm


So basically Real Steel is about this father, Charlie (Hugh Jackman) a washed out boxer, making a living in the underground robot boxing ring, and his son, Max, who has been separated cuz Charlie abandoned/sold/left released all custody to his ex girlfie, rebond together with each other after the death of Max’s mum through, well robot boxing.

I must say this movie is a must watch cuz not only they have great script ESPECIALLY Max. He is good, the storyline was amazing. I expected this to be an action focused movie but it actually weighted both action and a heartfelt story equally.


I laughed and “Awwhh” alot, heck I even cheered for Atom when he won!

I rate this 8.5 out of 10. Must watch I say. Eventhough I got the seats which was the second from the front FML Thanks to GSC Paviliion’s awesome huge seats, I didn’t even get ANY stiff neck.

I’d watch this for the second time.

Oh did I mention, this time they even gave free popcorns and Coke! which I sat on cuz I didn’t notice them on the seat as it was dark wooops!


Again Thanks to Churp Churp and Tunetalk for the tickets!

Real Steel Premiers in cinemas on the 13th of October


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