January 22, 2012

Dong Dong Chiannggg~!

Happy New Year People! Yesh I know I missed the NY’s New Year, but hey! it IS Chinese New Year tomorrow so I guess it’s all the same right? :P

2012 have been great for me so far till last two days where I fell sick with fever. DANG. But good news is I got 2 days MC wtf shhhh and a flatter tummy? LMAO

Well it’s only the 22nd day of the new year and I’ve already done a few happy things that I would happily cross out for the resolution list of 2012 that I have yet to make till 5 seconds ago!


1. Go to Genting! (Went on the 1st of Jan woots! Update on this soooon! Teaser below)


2. Be lucky in gambling! (Woots Woots! So far so good)

3. Meet The Bros! (I finally met Ernest from Bro, Don’t Like That La, Bro  2 weeks ago to grab my comic artist collab calendar. It was really awesome to finally see ONE of the bros materialize in front of you, like woah! this guy really exists! He’s no drawing LOL. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the bunch. You guys should really go read their comics (links in blue!). I guarantee you’ll laugh your ass off especially to Daryl & Jon’s antiques (the Crocodile hides in the wadaaaa~! za-zah!). Sorry Ernest if you think I asked too many questions. I was really excited. Really. :D

Did the below frame (picture of me & Ernest at the Curve) cuz was alil tooo free and in the moodish :P in the theme of the Bros. Whadayathink?


4. Get Awesome Calendar And to top it off the awesome calendar is now in mai hands! Was close to not getting it because I was initially only in the waiting list. But good thing my “threat” worked on Ernest and he didn’t have to dai miserably XD Moar on the calendar in a separate post! or this post won’t end

Sneak Preview

5. Find a “Ladeyh style” for myself. Dang my boss said I don’t look matured enough they might have to make uniforms for us! WTF!


So Imma gonna suck it up and be a ladeyh! Look fantabulastic and make them take back their nonsensical idea and what they said! Rawr

6. Bring Parents for a holiday! You guys deserve. Just a matter of timing.

7. Save more money! Gosh I am a sucker for sales. Whenever I see sales are on I just go : 

8. As usual, BLOG MORE OFTEN! I know I procrastinate so much I must’ve missed so much deals and offers that I would get over the months! I can see that the mojo is coming back, just the laziness creeps over me like some alienitic substance that wants to suck all the good happy energy outta you and leave you a miserable hollow sad sad FOREVER ALONE Human.

I am starting to like using this meme faces Nyahahaha..

9. Get a hold of my decisions in life. No more terumbang-ambing. Damn consultants is making me tearing my head off sometimes. But I guess eventually I shall need to in order to get to it. To the right path. Love-hate feeling I tell you RAWR!

10. GET HEALTHIER! LIKE EXERCISE! Well at least I managed to try do some rounds. Tho rather inconsistent since timing is a bitch. Oh But I did managed to climb Broga last year Up to the second peak; which means this year target : ALL THE WAY!

Ohkais, ten marks the dot. Anyhoos, Let’s see if I could finish them off this year since I’ve already cut off like 5? *trollface.jpg* Problem?

I shall have another 3 delayed posts coming up. See if I can schedule up before I go off for new years.

Again, I would like to wish all of you guys, Gong Hei Fatt Choy ahh!! Hong Bao Dao Dao Loi into my pocket? ngekeke

Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep 3 hours enough ady before work/school/college starts! Wooooots!

Happy CNY Ninja

Don’t ask. Just embrace it. Haiii Yaak!!!




Ernest Ng said...

heyyy!!! i like that pic u did of me and you! post it on my comic FB page la :D leave ur link there too!

Mr Lonely said...

Happy Chinese New Year~~ wishing you to have a wonderful Dragon Year~~~ XD

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

stephy-nie said...

@Ernest : Heya! X) Thanks! Owaits I will post there as well :B

@Mr Lonely : Gong Xi gong Xi! :D

ken said...


stephy-nie said...

Ernest finally what oh ah Ken? O_O


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