February 21, 2012

Contest : When Mr Nuffnang Stickman Turns 5!

If you have not heard, Nuffnang is turning 5 this month and on the 26th of February, they are throwing a party to celebrate with us Nuffnangers!

*chants “partay parteh party pati partey partay PARTY!*

And since you know, Mr Stickman here is a rather happening person, they’ve almost done ALL kinds of party before from pajamas to animal parties and this year, they’ve decided to come to us for ideas! *rubs hands*

So how should Mr Stickman here celebrate his fifth birthday?

Well since it’s their 5th, wouldn’t he deserve a 5 star birthday party?!



Like five star treatment for both Nuffies & Nuffnangers, five star boozes, five star dress codes aaaand… five star food.


Really, we should really do a 5 star meme party!

So how Nuffnang?


I guess I’ll have to see you guys on Sunday to find out! *wink wink* :D

Again, Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

May you prosper awesomely to offer us to attend the 50 star meme party!

But for now, see ya at the 5th one!



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