May 21, 2012

Swap Sell Buy! FriendlyFashion – The Online Community Closet

Have you find yourselves in a situation where you just came back from super impulse shopping again because that skirt is oh-so-cute and at home you find your closet just so full you don’t know where should you stuff the new top in?

Now here’s where you wonder what in the world should I do with all those clothes you bought on impulse or for that one time wear during prom that is stacking up. You don’t want to just give it out cuz it’s so expensive but you don’t think you’ll ever wear it again for like ever.

Well good news ladies & gentlemen, cuz I’ve found this awesome site founded by two sisters who maybe have a super loaded closet as well? who provides a hub for people with #firstworlddilemmas like us! is an online community specially created for us people with overloading closets to Swap, Buy or Sell your stuffs!

 Screen CaptureAboutIt doesn’t only target clothes but also shoes, bags, make ups and accessories for all men, women AND children.


With the new layout, the site is very simple and user friendly, you don’t need to be Einstein to know how to work your way around.

*some screen shots of the site*


The items for sale/swap

Simple Dress

My profile (without items for sale) and Yenniedoll’s profile. She’s selling this awesome kicks! Check out her profile here

My Profile

EVie Profile

It’s rather easy to register as well. Either create a new account or login with facebook tadah!


I’ll be digging out my unworn clothes that is taking up all my space for my new clothes nao!

See you at the other side :D 

Follow them on twitter @MyFriendlyFash and like them on Facebook for updates!



Pou Leen said...

Geez.. this is pretty cool!

stephy-nie said...

Yeap you should check em out! Many bargains on pretty lil things! :D


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