September 18, 2013

2Crank | Be Discovered

It's always hard sometimes to look for a platform to expand your musicalities; especially one that's concentrated on the local scene here in Malaysia. With Youtube being overloaded with videos of cats dogs foxes *cough* interesting videos, it's rather difficult to make it as a platform to start off on a more serious note no?

Instead of Youtube, why not try heading down over to 2Crank instead? 

Now who?
2Crank is basically a music portal company that seeks out new talents; ie local bands and independent musicians to help them be recognized and discovered in the music industry.

They focus exclusively on music and the talents themselves by aggregating a full package on music video and album for them; allowing them to earn via the aggregations and rankings through social media platforms.

So if you're looking for a starting step to jump start your path into the local music scenes; well, 2Crank is here!

Stuffs they do?

Recently they organized this Malaysia Day Band Fest 2013; which is a 7-days rockandrollheadbanging event held around Klang Valley, Malacca and Penang; showcasing local Malaysian bands like Prema-Yin, Bob the Sausage and many more in conjunction with 1Malaysia. 

MDBF 2013 featured different local indie and cover bands for each day of the event, celebrating and bringing groups of Malaysian bands together; aiming to promote new upcoming and talented bands, giving them the exposure & awareness that they need.

During the 7-days event, there will be a ranking competition among the bands that are performing. The band with the highest ranking will be entitled to have a free music video production

Support them!
If you're no Bunkface or Yuna; you can always join the site to keep you updated on the new local talents and also gigs on where to find them! What's better than giving our fellow Malaysians and the local music scene some support?! You'd be surprised how good our local talents are; being up to par with international level!

Just register with them, either as an artiste or as a fan! Easy Peasy Smoke and Shmeezy. Either type in or just connect with your Facebook!
Check them out now! What are you waiting for! 

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