May 26, 2008

complainer of the year.........

*sobs sobs*
how lazy have i've been lea to update this thing.... haha
but then i suddenly have the urge to update it again, changing the URL again... haha..
i will never be able to make up my mind....
so now its
yay... haha.. swt....

well this is my april 08 semester where i'm practically experiencing a meltdown totally from the 6 subjects load which i whine and complain about every time to every one.. *thus the title..*
so now i very pantang with the question "how're you steph? studies fine?"
i'll go *eergh!!!* *changes into the huge green Hulk-ess*
"fine?? Fine?? FINE?? i look fine to you? huh? HUH?!!!"
well.. something like that....

so anyways.... i've just been so busy.. tho i still have time to actually laze around and do this blogging thing instead of actually doing my assignmentSS x 10000000 x 10 ^ 1G..
see, we smarties kept telling our lecturers to actually give us time till after the holidays
(ohya, i'm having a week break now ^^ fun)
and basicly at every single mention of assignments we go " sir / miss! after holiday ah.. can la.. give us time la.. poor us having lotsa lotsa assignments due together.."
*shows hugeanimekindawatery eyes* *blink blink*
and they go ok ok.. poor you.. there there..
and we turn to each other and sniggers giving each other high fives at the back while still showing our very very pitiful face..

tho it seems to be a good idea but summing everything up we have TONS of stuffs due next week!! aargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seems to actually do much bad than good since whenever we or should i say "I" am given lotsa time to do something i tend to laze more... T_T

haiz... n i got a C++ programming due wednesday! as in the day after at 11AM!!
where on wednesday m gonna go to pyramid to skate..(which the prediicted outcome will be *skate, slip, BAM!! ouw!! swollen ass*)

yes yes i know... " you can do it today or tommorrow.. you still have time.. don't worry.."
but... aha! here's the problem, i open the pc.. wanting to do my practical... but see what i ended up doing?? hahaha... wonderfull ain't it? wonderful...... HAIZ..........

and i can't find my lab report.... WHERE IN THE EARTH IS MY LAB REPORT??????

probably i should really stop here... well then... till i get my mood back to blog..
*unwantingly moves the mouse to the lil cutesy red 'x' button on the right corner*

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