September 05, 2008

new semester aug08!

here comes my new sem!

let's see...
i have 5 subjects to score very extremely well in order to bring up my fallen cgpa

i have mr. tharam back to teach us maths 5!

yay! a high chance of A in maths de~!

thermo's 'fun'.

dynamic's lecturer loves homework.
especially GIVING us homework..

materials II is just like SoM since it's the sem lecturer..

malaysian studies.. eee..
gonna start next week ne so have no idea at all..
but m sure it's on heck of a 'LAN' subject. (lan as in chinese)
and that's all the subjects i have,,
no complains!!

isn't it amazing??
not a bad sem after all..


and... i watched wall.e!!
like yay!
i've been DYING to watch that damn movie so bloody much that i bugged my friends about it everyday till the day i actually watched it..

sorry guys........ but the point IS i WATCHED WALL.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*laughs histerically*
*ehem ehem*

ANYWAY feels like this two weeks passed so damn bloody quickly that i actually forgotten that it's already friday 3 TIMES!

and the total dynamic questions given up till today is.......
+-32 Questions!
mind you, today's our THIRD class of the SEMESTER!!
lucky the lecturer is a fun guy..
well.. seems like i gotta jia you for this sem lor to get better results or m gonna strangle myself again...

but then again....
it's kinda against my nature to do that..

oh well..
can always do it later..
i still have 12 more weeks to go!



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