February 13, 2009

Malaysia oh Malaysians...

yesterday my prof was talking about studying over seas during my break time and since i was the only one left in class during break (cuz i was lazy to walk around).

then he said this

Prof's Word of Wisdom : "after your Diploma, go to good uni ovearseas. and after you've finished there, DONT COME BACK"

so i went yeah yeah yeah yesh mm uh huh.. mm hmm...
(typical reply when you're listening to elder people talk rite?)

but the thing is..

i like malaysia..
okay, maybe not the politics and corruption and all..
malaysia aint a perfect country..

but i like it here..

i like the cultural feeling and the lifestyle here..
i can't imagine not speaking Manglish anymore.
i can't imagine not eating nasi lemak or roti canai banjir dhal kau kau anymore..

i dowana go through extreme coldness or extreme heat
i like the fact that i know more than two languages without having to go to classes
(though i cant read chinese)
i like the fact also that i know about other people's culture and their festivals throughout growing up here.

it's like these tiny tiny stuffs that holds sentiments in my.
i grew up here, and so there are all these places and people here which i love.

so i think i f i have a choice, i would come back here, permanently or not...


not trying to be patriotic or anything but..
hey, i love living in Malaysia!

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