March 23, 2009

reminiscing...... did i spell correctly?? >w<

this morning i struggled to wake before 9am (which i unfortunately failed to. woke at 915am) cuz i promised harveen to meet her in school at 930.

but hey! i did reach school at 932am! see! not so late huh.

so as i was walking, it all reminded me of 3 years ago when i was still clad in that ugly turqoise pinafore walking from home at 710am to school everyday.

i remembered the birds chirping in the morning, but today i heard crows cawing ==|||.

i remembered the beautiful morning sky, the sun.

i remembered the swooshing of the leaves of the trees when i walk pass the padang.

i remember seeing students taking their own sweet time walking to school tho it's already late.
i remember catching wey chin on the way to school sometimes (when she's late or i'm early).
i remember cycling to school for some time cuz i was lazy to walk.
i remember the cars, many many cars.
i remember complaining to myself about the perhimpunan i'm suppose to attend that morning.
i remember..

so we went in to the school, 3 years only and wow that much changes!
they changed the names of classes, new teachers, new rules, new faces, many new signboards (stupidly supposingly motivating boards hah XD)

we met pn Tan, pn Annaporani, Mr Rajinder, Pn Syarifah.
most of them dont recognize us already.
"they went like you spm tahun lepas ekh?"
we're like "no! 3 tahun dah cikgu!"

it's nice to see them again.
but then we couldnt see some of them either.
either they're busy or no here.

my school just makes me smile.


miss those nottie times.


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