April 28, 2009

Dandelion's Promise

Copied this story from my friend, Ian's blog.
This is a wonderful story! really!

check it out~
and oh! it's translated from Jay Chou's song, Dandelion's Promise.

He sat down, overlooking the vast open fields beneath him.

Breeze blew by, gently, calm...

He looked around, a smile on his face. The dandelions were
shimmering in the field, waving in the wind like a sheet of gold. The first time he met her, it was here. It was a scenery that had favour in his mind. It was a long time ago.

He remembered, she was standing by the oak tree with a tear stained face.
Before he realized it, he approached her.
"Hey, are you ok?" he blurted out.
She looked at him and
forced a smile. "No, its nothing. Its just that, this year,
nothing seems
to be going right for me. I just feel very helpless".
And she
continued on, and he listened. Every word, every sentence.
And that... was the beginning.

Before they knew it, they had been
talking for two and a half hours.
She bade him goodbye and she stood up,
ready to leave.
He got up and brush his pants.
"Well, if theres anything you need, i'll be right here.
You know
where to find me" and she smiled. "Thank you".

The next few weeks, they met up, taking naps under the sun,
noises coming from the field. He woke from his memories.
He smiled,
the cicada noises were still there.
He looked at the place where he
took naps with her.
And sighed. After how many years, it still sounds

He walked towards the ledge. He bent and picked up an old piece of
torn paper.
"Hey, are you sure this is gonna work?" she threw another paper plane.

"Folding up your dreams in a paper plane and sending it off?" she laughed.

He laughed. "Well, better than sitting around doing nothing right?
We can't wait for
a meteor or something right?" They both threw their paper planes together and watched it soar into the vast skies.

He grinned. We were so young back then.

Then, she left... he threw the coin to decide his fate seriously,
but yet,
he didn't know where to go. Life suddenly becomes empty.
A promise made
when growing up together,
it was so clear to him that he believed in
that promise since they made a pinky swear.
They said they would venture
together, and stay by each others sides.
But then, it was nowadays their only
wilful persistence.

He sat down under the tree he first saw her. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

He remembered, they once were punished in the corridor of their school

and had their hands slapped. Yet, they grinned at each other when as
paid attention to a dragonfly by the window during class.

Wherever he went,
she would be following very closely. Those were the days,
they dreamt,
and they had a lot of dreams waiting to be done, even till now.

He looked down at his finger. The finger that made the pinky swear.
finger that ties him to a promise with her.
A promise that they'll stay
together, and be by each other.
The promise made was so sincere, and that
was the one time he couldn't stop talking about it.

"And now..... i couldn't tell the difference, if you were a friendship,
or a love i missed out on"

(Base storyline from Jay Chou - Dandelion's Promise)


kenwooi.com said...

the song is really nice =)

stephy said...

yeah right? and this helps since my mandarin sucks alot. LOL

shyneze said...

What song lai de?

stephy said...

ongy : Jay chou's dandelion's promise


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