April 20, 2009

Earth Hour, Earth Day, Earth wha'??

28th of March had gone by just like that with a very short-termed impact don't cha think?

wait wait wait..

what was on the 28th you ask??

Earth Hour Logo by Earth Hour Global.

Vote Earth! Switch Off Your Lights For Earth Hour by Shepard Fairey by Earth Hour Global.

this was what happened.
there was a campaign where everyone was asked to turn off all lights and electrical appliances for an hour to support the campaign of saving the earth.

started by the australians in 2007, this year it had many other countries involved where the world's famous buildings such as the Sydney's Opera House, Rome's Colleseum, and of course our country's pride and joy the Petronas Twin Tower turned off their lights for an hour.

EARTH HOUR was what happened.

is Kawasan 2 (my housing area) practicing Earth Hour every night now?
street lights are off every evening!

many said it was overly commercialized and over rated and everything while some stand on their ground saying it screams save Earth!! You've got people rushing to KLCC IN THEIR CARS causing jams there
just to see the building turn off not all their lights and rejoiced that they were there to see Earth saved.

now that that's over, make way for EARTH DAY!
on the 22nd of April 2009.

TV channels are making the hoo-hah they did for Earth Hour, radio DJs too but what happens AFTER that day or hour?




if you asked me if i agree and support this campaigns then OF COURSE I DO!
i have like 90+ years more to live in this planet so duh i want this planet be in a good shape while i am alive.

heh heh

but the thing is that we still can't create a campaign that can really create an impact on people to actually CHANGE.

during the Earth Hour campaign, everyone spreaded the log of the 60 Earrth Hour, asking people to vote for earth, turn off their lights! then on the 28th,
people go "ohya, i turned off those damn lights yea. i saved Earth! woohoo!" do you separate your garbages? "wha? why would i ?"
and people who got interviewed went "oh yea, the government should reduce the light usage in civil offices, next year we should turn off more building's lights to support"
what about YOUR HOUSE?

THEN, after that particular day....

*sounds of crickets*

saying this you ,must be scraming now with the question
do you do all those save the Earth thingys??

i DO.
i may not go extreme like totally boycotting plastic bags and recycle my waste into fertilizers
but but but but but

i DO.
that's why i dare to post this larh.. XD

but anyway, though what i do is as small as NOT throwing rubbishes anywhere but in the dustbin try very hard to, i believe it helps.
cuz i believe that these kinda things works on accumulation!

see, if in a day, i get to NOT throw 5 plastic wrappers,
in a week i DID NOT throw 7 x 5 = 35 wrappers
in a month i DID NOT throw 35 x 31 wrappers

and if in a month there are 10 me's, so it's 35 x 31 x 10 which is 10850 wrappers NOT littered on the road!

you do the math.

see, Earth Day campaigns are the Impact Method to give people smacks on their faces to realize that we NEED to SAVE EARTH!

but after that, seriously we need to take our self initiative to DO SOMETHING!

seriously it's not as difficult as you think!
i know you've read those Green people where they go REALLY EXTREMELY GREEn and we are only newbies and we wanna take baby steps.

heres how to!

1. Start thinking CREATIVE!

how? look through what you throw. -if you have those magazines or books or flyers or papers you wanna get rid of, send it to the recycling centre! OR sell it to the old newspaper man where at the same time you get money!

-if there are plastic wrappers that comes with the magazines, keep it. you could use it to pack your last semesters notes to keep them away from dust! OR reuse it as a mini rubbish bag when you are doing your homework.

-make cards outta the mags and books that are already used! you save money AND reduce the wastage of papers!

i make cards every year XP

-REUSE plastic bags for your rubbish bins or to repack any other things so that the plastic bags don't go to the dumpsite or wherever it ends up in and stay there for thousands of years with no purpose but harm the environment!

- reuse your past notes by printing your tutorials or lecture slides on the empty side of the paper!

-we malaysians have that damned habit of throwing out rubbishes on the streets, out of the window from your car, AROUND the rubbish bins. STOP THAT! why cant you put the rubbishes IN the dustbin? or put that wrapper in your bag and throw it in to the dustbin WHEN you get home!

-picture this. you walked into your room, you turned the lights on, the fan, the air con, the radio, then you remembered! hey, my "whatever" thing was outside! so you go out to take your stuff, then saw hey! i know that show on tv! and sat to watch. then go grab something to chew and whatever stuff you would do, leaving ALL your fans and etc on in your room!

see! that's a waste of electricity! since you could off your lights for an hour for Earth Hour, why not switching them off whenever you're not in the room?!!

-oh yeah. always say that you wanna exercise but can't afford those expensive gyms? walk! walk to your destination! wanna go to the groceries nearby your house? dont drive! cycle or walk! this reduces your carbon footsteps! and your petrol usage! save money!
(also something i have to really do more often)

-nope, standby doesn't save electricity as much as you turn it off! instead of leaving the PC on the whole day, why dont you try to leave it on only for half the day? or whenever you go out turn it off! this not only save electricity usage, it reduces the risk of your PC kena lightning strike when you're out and it's on!

- when you tapau food to eat, if it is not necessary refuse to take the plastic bag and the plastic spoons and chopsticks. reduce plastic consumption!

-also applies when you go shop, like if you only bought sweets, say tidak mahu to plastic bags since you dont need it!

6. STOP!
-stop using so much of sprays which causes those greenhouse effects like those hair sprays and all. come on! it stinks and it kills the ozone layer! your hair can do with just the way it is. *wink*

- reduce the usage of air-con! dont turn it on whenever you enter your room! limit the usage to sleep time ONLY! (or maybe during very very hot days) if you can't stand the heat, go to malls, go into MPH and stay there! read a book or two till you feel cool enough then blah lah. *sniggers*

these you may or may not follow. but hey, think about it. it ain't no big sacrifices. it's the smallest things you could do for EARTH.

After all the chantings of Turn the lights off! save the EARTH!,
let's REALLY do something for EARTH. with or without recognition.

"Everybody in this world is a hypocrite.
The difference between us is just the LEVEL of hypocracy practiced."

-an immoral who teaches moral


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