April 01, 2009

intimidated me..

was just thinking..

i'm going 19 this year which means i'm getting nearer and nearer to adulthood.


i cant imagine not being this child anymore.
gotta be matured, and not reckless anymore.
there will be responsibilities coming
gonna have to pay for my car and expenses.
then i might find someone.
and get married????


then kids??!!


that's very very far.

but then there's this advert, where this mum take cares of her son from baby time till he is about probably 3 or 4 where then she teaches him to play the piano. but then he refuses to learn and throws a tantrum leaving her frustrated.

the one day she was at work, she got a phone call from home, but no one answers and then she heard it.

her son played happy birthday on the piano through the phone cuz it was her birthday!
she must've feel so touched and proud!
and secretly i wish that that would happen to me!

hehe.i know its so weird but parents are the greatest job you could ever get!
i've been baby sitting this nephew of mine, actually my mum larh, i tolong tolong ne.
and seeing this boy grow from a fragile little baby to an active notties cute boy is so wow.

and recently he just managed to stand up by himself! meaning he's gonna walk soon! and i am so proud and excited to see him achieve these milestones!

not that i wanna have kids soon or anything but i see the joy of being a parents though it is tiring
very and when they start throwing tantrums and crying it aint easy but they are the purest little things who can easily carve a smile on your face.

hearts you brayden!

*hug hug*

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