May 05, 2009

Petaling St. / Wedding / Morib / Secret Recipe

Warning. This is gonna be a LONG post.

or maybe not.

I'll make it short and photo-ey sweet!

4Days ago

Me, xhie hweai and Jassy went to secret recipe for lunch before our log book marathon to eat the RM9.90 Lasagna!!

Jassy looking all hyped-up

cuz it's over..


3Days ago

Since it was a holiday and all me mum wanna go gai gai (jalan-jalan larh) but then there were no suggestions where (though my mum was whispering MID VALLEY!)

so my dad drove to the Federal Highway without telling to where.

Going going suddenly he turned at the flyover exit towards NKVE (i think) and drove to Tesco Extra Shah Alam!

I'm like whaat? tesco Klang also got la.

he went oh. turned one round around the parking lot and to the exit!


then he drove again towards Giant Shah Alam!

I'm like Whaaaaaat?! again..

and again like me he went around and out we go!


next we actually went around Stadium Melawati

"You spin my head right round and round! "
around Stadium Shah Alam we go!

owhkay this has nothing to do with shah alam
but instead is the Klang mosque
but whatever lah.

and towards....
guess where..



that was actually thanks to the signboards showing Klang towards Tesco.

so after that we went on and towards KLANG!

yeap. we spun around Shah Alam's 3 Hypermarket just to go back to Klang town!

thinking that we were heading home already my dad instead drove to the KTM station and next thing we know was we were buying tickets to Kuala Lumpur on the way to Petaling Street!


so we were off to Petaling Street and I was pretty worried cuz it was almost 5pm when we got on the train and reaching there would be like 6pm++
but you know what my dad said?

"aiya if late edy, no train ma take bus lah. if no bus ma take taxi lah!"

me : taxi damn expensive eh...

"ma you walk home lo."


Let the photos speak now:

KTM Station Klang

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Petaling Street!

when we were here my parents reminisce their "pat toh-ing" days years ago.

Funny Sign Board

This is SOOO cute!

THe best Beef Noodle Stall in the World!
(i know i exxaggerateeee)

The dessert stall right beside the noodle stall

Keychains i bought.
cute huh?!!
handMade by a guy on the wheelchair.

we stopped by pasar Seni on the way home
Random pose by mum and sis. LOL

Railways Station again



2Days Ago..................

It was My neighbour's son's wedding!
this was my third Indian wedding and it was pretty cool though this one is not THAT traditional.
(go yamseng sumore XD)

check it out

it was here

the hall


pretty #2

the newly-weds!
Jagdeve and Dina

Lost in Translation?
Tanglungs everywhere!

The Buffet line
man their Kambing curry and cauliflower are AWESOME!!!!

Pretty kolum outside



All my troubles seem so far away.....
(ahahahahahah... shiok sendiri pulak)

and so i had another Malay wedding yesterday in Banting.
Pak Cik Haji's son got hooked.
so after makan makan we decided that since we were already so far here..
let's go MORIB!!

So we drove and drove..
Morib never feels THIS far away before..

and so we reached our destination and ate some bahulu and drank some drinks and smelled the salt and witness the fugly sea water high tide.


Initially, cuz the tide was high we decided to explore alil and drove along the road.

a long long long long long long long long long long long road

all we saw was from Port Dickson 75km to Port Dickson 56km before deciding to U-turn.


CLICK click!

Below : random shots on the way

It was a freaking bright sunny day

And i end it with...


Finally finished this post..


shyneze said...

a looooooong post..but nice..
ur dad r so funny..
no train take bus...
no bus take taxi..
no taxi ma walk..

stephy said...

yalo yalo.. evil lea my dad... kept bombing me nia.. ish ish..

Clarisse Teagen said...

PERFECT Angles on the photos.
Keep it up. Not everyone can do this... I just found out from MOST photographers. . .

It's something that just either comes naturally or have to be learnt from a book. . :)

stephy said...

@Clarisse : thanks! i kinda just followed my gut when taking photos and with alil browsing through photographs in the mags for ideas.

thanks anyway for your compliment. Do comment if there's any need of improvement. I'm still learning! ^^


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