April 11, 2011

Social Butterfly much?

Well something like that cause lately I’ve been going out after work for almost a week + I start feeling like my life so happening which really shows how much I’ve been NOT going out already and so far good thing is that I have not done my accounts for the month or I’d prolly die of heart attack

Well yeah I’ve not been updating but I promise the photos shall be up soon!

Lemme just update you guys abit,

#1 I suddenly have this addiction to tees. Yes I bought MORE tees. This time from F.O.S.


#2 I’ve been out for dinners like my company’s annual dinner, dad & sis’s birthday dinner, all yummy food I tell you *noms*


#3 Empire Shopping Gallery outing for Macaroons!


#4 Funerals and Hospital admissions for a few of my gadgets T_________T

FYI I have been fasting on sms-es for about a month already!

Currently eyeing on the FRUIT Open-mouthed smile

#5 Actually, there’s nothing much de. Just wanna 5 it Open-mouthed smile

So yeah, wait up for mey!


with love,


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