August 28, 2012

Sony Cyber-Shot WX-100 Giveaway! What am I gonna do?!

A few days ago I came across Jessica's post on Facebook and the word World's Slimmest Camera by SONY just caught my eye! I googled it out and holy balooney!
DSC-WX100/B-Digital Still Camera-W Series
Photo from Sony's Website
 Its so slim I go...

With 18.2 Mega pixels, 10x Optical Zoom. High Speed Auto Focus and you can even Edit your photos on the spot with your camera! Now how cool is that? 

You can check out the specs and features from here 

Hence I started daydreaming on what if I get my hands on this baby?  

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

Well I can stalk people more efficiently and being a stalker photo person, I would really much appreciate the Hi Speed Auto Focus so that my random shots won't turn out to be blur like this.

Denise's Wedding :)

Also being a foodie I could camwhore foodporn with HD photos as much as I would and make EVERYBODY hungry at 3am every other night! :D You know how sometimes restaurants are really dark and the lightings are such a b***ch when you wanna take all those awesome noms? well with the WX-100's “Exmor R™” CMOS Sensor which is twice as sensitive to light as conventional CMOS sensors, it makes it possible to capture superb clear pictures in dark environment! Woots!

Besides all of those, imma rather lazy shy gal so I don't always dare to walk front to the stage/face/screen/venue to take upclose photos so my photos always ends up like this:

Huah all I get is the small stage photo (cuz that's the best my phone / camera can do) and I get Kehlehfeh (extras) right in front of the photo! (refer to heads pointed by them arrows RAWR) but with the 10x Optical Zoom / 20x Clear Image Z20x Clear Image Zoom I can basically take awesome up close photos without fearing that the sharpness and clarity of the photo to drop!

Quoting the site;

Get closer without lowering picture sharpnessThe 10x Optical Zoom lens delivers twice the magnification of previous versions to better capture pictures and details from a distance. As the 20x clear image zoom function makes excellent picture quality possible without decreasing the pixel count Zoom

Wooots! It is so the drool-worth man! I can't wait to take pictures like this!

Huahhhhhh! Syok Man!

And what not better than to use it at the Youth Jam - Sony Cyber-Shot National Blogger Festival 2012! Now there's where we can photograph lotsa hotties people with the zoom features and quick auto focus for moving objects aka the humans at the event!

Next will be at Sunway Pyramid on the 16th September 2012 10am - 10pm!

Well besides all that, speaking alone would not be enough I guess to what do I do? Join the competition to win FREE CAMERAA!

Check out here for details of the competition, brought to you by YouthsToday and Sony

Oh and JessicaT is guest judging this competition too. Oh do check her blog out for the most happening events and random adventures of her life (the latest on with her riding the Harley Davidson yo!). 
If those don't interest you then maybe her cute Greek boyf will? :X woops!


Oh and did I mention that the first 100 participants gets a FREE GOODIE BAG WORTH RM100?!
Oh Jyeah! So whadaya waiting for? The steps is as below!
Goody Luck!

See ya there! *fingers crossed*



TheJessicat said...

You are so goddamn cute LOL
Your post made me laugh!!
Anyway, you have been shortlisted as the top 10.
Winners will be announced this Sunday at Youth Jam at Sunway Pyramid

stephy-nie said...

stephy-nie said...

Hahahaha! Thank you! Woots top 10!zomg zomg zomg


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