August 15, 2007

finally the mid sem break is happy... but... there is a BIG but... i have projects to do.. two huge ones actually.. one is going on tomorrow.. and for tomorrows event m gonna emcee it.. *yay..... * X( m so nervous... speaking in front of so many ppl... eee... and guess what?? m wearing a PRINCESS costume... those with the fluffy sleeves and huge dress..not THAT huge actually.. hehehe.. m feelin really excited AND at the same time afraid that i'll get embarrassed tomorrow... it's like i'm living up some lil girl's dream of being a princess.. lol..
God save me!!!!*looks up into the ceiling pretending i can see heaven's complain box*
apart from that, i even have my 15% maths test tomorrow and trigo's in it!! books closed!! n i'm still lazy to start revising and memorizing the formulaes... -_-"
and later after the holidays i have a test on statics!!!how sad.. so far so blur... haiz...sucky lar..
but really enjoyed the time in the costume renting shop... so much fun.. hope will have the chance to do it again...hehe.. join a drama or something.. heehe...

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