June 07, 2008

zzzzzzz..... post-skating testimonial..

wa... my bummm.... ouch.
my kneee........


basicly that's it.

got a huge.. i MEAN humongous (however do you spell it?? O.o) blue-black *oh chi in hokkien haha* on my poor left knee...
and i don't even remember when i fell ON my knee.
yeah.. cuz most of the time i fell on my bum..
which doesnt really hurt.

it was fun tho horrifying at the same time. the moment i put my first step on the freaking slippery
slippery ice rink......

i know that i should NEVER ever ever let go of whatever i can hold.
(ie : the wall, the glass whatever you call it, the whichever human in front of me, etc etc)
and the first time me n 3 of my other friends were in, we fell together.

how ro
mantic does that sound..

what happened was....

*ting ting ting ting*

i *paiseh-ly speaking* couldn't balance myself.
i couln't remember what happened that we ended up being close to the middle (CLOSE. not very) and was standing there celebrating that we were able to stand on the ice

*NOTE : all four of us are firsties except one guy who is a secondies*

what happened was BOOM! i started loosing balance, reflexively


i grabbed on my friend, banana, and both of us started squiggly squiggly around trying to save our bums from touching that -90 degrees ice and from the anticipated pain in the ass..

haha! pain in the ass! funny!
hahahaha... ha..h... um..
*coughs coughs*

back to the ice rink....
after squiggling for like 5 seconds, my other friends, tom and jerry..
(HAHAHAHA.. tom n jerry)
came to the rescue! NOT.

we started grabbing on each other.
GRABBING don't sound right..
don't even think about it!

anyway, we were trying to balance each other saving everyone's ass but what happened was
...we ALL fall down....


how embarrasing..
but.. then again, the whole day there, (was there like from 11 till 4 or 5pm)
we saw tons and tons of people fall on their bums,
uncles,sisters,brothers, didi, mei mei, etc etc
that seriously made me feel so much better...

i know.. i know.. i caused that damn fall..
but hey.. like i said before entering the ice rink..
"if i'll fall, i'll make sure you all pui me fall as well. muahahaaha"
*evil laugh*

well, that was it. i ran out of the rink in shame and disgrace and i swore that i'll never ever step into the ice rink ever again!
never EVER NEVER!!! nooOO!!!! aaah!!!
*bangs on the piano*

haha.. seriously.. i'm not that egoistic no..
after the falll, i try standing up with total difficulty..
thankfully, there was mr. cutie who came and taught me how is the proper way to stand up
(on your knees! wow!)
and i managed to stand... lol

so round after round i tried skating...
i thought i would finally succeed in skating but...
*sob sob*
i didn't..

*in a weepy voice*
i se..seriously tr..tr..tried m..mm.my bb.bb..best.. re..er..rea..llyy.. bb..bbut..
i JUST CAN"T!!! waa!!
*blows nose loudly into hanky*

ok.. don't know what's with the drama today.. but...

i just couldn't skate ok. only with the help of my friend tom i could go round and round without falling..
which i almost did tons of times...

but then, i DID had a major fall and that was it.. i said no more.. mm mmm.. na ah...n that was 4pm... *sigh..............................*

but i'm still dissatisfied and i vow to return to sunway pyramid's ice rink someday!!!!!!!!!

and believe me.. for freshies..
to let you know..
you don't need sweaters, or long pants..
Heck, you can even wear a micro skirt with spaghetti stripes when you skate.

it is NOT cold in there..
mmm hmmm... *nods*

you'll be sweating.. believe me..
tho, it IS cold in the waiting area...
*tips* sweaters and long pants can protect your elbows and knees from scratches...
i wore a thick sweater.. and tadah! no scratches!

well... can't wait till the next trip there..
tho i really hope i still can remember how.. i dowana start from scratch.. again..

well.. at least i can't feel the blades under my feet anymore... X_X
alrite then.
*......................skates off............................*

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